John's Christmas List

by Cammie

There are so many things I

want this year.

I want my best friend Antonio

to get his life back to normal

and forget he ever heard the

name Santi.

I want my brother to ask

Marcie to marry him because

they belong together.

I want Chris and Natalie to be

happy because they both

deserve it.

I would love for my mother

to come home because

we miss her and I want

her to meet Evangeline.

Of course the thing that

I want most this year is

for Evangeline to know

how much she means

to me.

She is my Christmas wish,

my Christmas dream and

my Christmas fantasy.

Now all I have to do is

work up the nerve to

say I love you and

that will complete

my Christmas list.


Oh and I'm thinking

engagement ring

but that might be

pushing it.