The Families in alphabetical order...

The Bauers

Maureen Bauer
The matriarch of the Bauers who picked up the pieces when her husband, Ed, leaves after the unexpected deaths of his ex-lover, Claire Ramsey, and their lovechild, Michelle.
Rick Bauer
The current Bauer phyiscian on staff at Cedars Hospital. He has lived in the shadows of his father, Ed and his best friend, Philip Spaulding. That changes when he falls in love with Melissande Boudreau. Her love puts him in the spotlight and Rick shines.
Ross Marler
He becomes Rick's surrogate father when Ed disappears, but when it comes to Maureen, he longs to be more. However, his ex-wife, Blake has other plans.

The Boudreaux

The patriarch of the Boudreau family who takes his role seriously. And when his daughter falls in love with a white man, he can't sit back and let fate takes its course.
Often the mediator, she longs for her family to love each other unconditionally.
Following her father's advice to have a social life, she finds love unexpectedly with her supervisor and colleague, Dr. Rick Bauer. Complications abound when her first love , her Daddy, objects.
He wants the kind of relationship with his father that his sister shares with him. When his father disapproves of Mel's relationship with Rick, Remy sees an opportunity to become the apple of his father's eye.

The Cassadines


The Lewises


The Spauldings


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