Chapter 3: Ain't Misbehavin'

"Ooh, yeah…you feel so good."

"Faster! That's it! That's IT!"

Heavy breathing filled the air as sweat slick bodies slid together in unison. Mattress springs creaked loudly as he pumped inside her. Her legs crossed at his waist. Her heels dug into his backside, urging him harder, faster and wilder. The power of his thrusts increased. Her silken walls squeezed him tightly. A cry rumbled in his throat. Her body vibrated with liquid fire. Release built up inside her. Muscles grew tense. Nerve endings tingled. She cried out, digging her nails into him.

He collapsed on top of her. Skye stared at the ceiling. Her breathing came in ragged spurts until her heart rate returned to normal. Then, she pushed Sam off and rolled off the bed. As she pulled on her French silk dressing gown and poured herself a glass of bootleg whiskey, she felt his eyes boring into her. She could just imagine the pout on the handsome police officer's face. He was such a little boy.

"Skye," he groaned. "I don't have much time. Come back to bed."

Skye shook her head. Wasn't it always like that? Always what he had time for. Never what she needed…or wanted.

"I have work to do," she said, turning to face him. She raised the glass to her lips and swallowed the clear liquor. "I can't leave my girls alone for too long. Who knows what mischief they'll get into?"

Sam scoffed. "Keesha will keep them in line."

She shrugged. "She's good, but it's not her job. Come on, Sam. Get up, get dressed and get out. You don't have much time, remember?"

He swung his legs over the edge of the bed. Skye sucked in a gust of air as her gaze raked over him. His body was masculine perfection. Hard, sinewy chest led to a rock hard abdomen. His arms bulged in all the right places and as did the rest of him. His manhood swung against his thigh and proved to be an almost irresistible temptation. But a soft knock at the door rescued her.

"Yes?" she called out.

"She's here again, Miss Skye," Keesha said through the wooden door. "Should I give her a room or send her away?"

"Let her stay," Skye decided, "but tell her it's the last time. I don't want her man to come here looking for her."

"We don't have to worry about that." Keesha said her piece and moved away. Her muffled voice echoed down the hallway.

By now, Sam had pulled on his long johns and pants. As he buttoned his shirt, he asked, "Who's here?"

"Gina," Skye answered. She went to him and helped him tuck in his shirt and fasten his pants. A wide smile came to her lips as she felt his arousal press against her thigh. "There aren't many men out there like you," she responded, coyly.

His hands gripped her waist. "That's something you should remember." His kiss branded her. When he ended the kiss, he continued putting on his uniform. "She's with Jason Morgan. What's she doing coming around here?"

"Trying to make him angry."

Sam's hand tightened on his gun belt. He gave her a measured look. "Is Morgan angry?"

Skye laughed away Sam's concerns. "Isn't Morgan always angry? Corinthos and I have an understanding. This place is mine and what goes on here is none of their business."

"Provided you keep their pockets lined with your earnings," he grunted.

"Protection doesn’t come cheap." She cupped his face. Her fingers caressed his jaw line. "Don't worry about it. With the way the stocks are booming, I'll be out of this line of business by the end of the year."


"Why do you always drag me down here?" Gina demanded, slurring her words. She fell onto the chaise at the end of the bed and stared up at Keesha accusingly. "You're jealous of me and Jason! That's what it is."

Keesha met Gina's wild-eyed stare. The blonde's reasoning had some truth to it, but not much. What she had with Jason, Keesha wouldn't wish on her worst enemy. He was cold, ruthless and controlling. Conquest was his ultimate pleasure. Of course, he was a skilled lover. His hands, lips and tongue knew every inch of her body, but there was more to an affair that what happened between the sheets. Keesha had yet to discover what 'more' was, but she knew it was out there. Somewhere.

"Miss Skye says this is the last time—"

Gina wrenched her arm free of Keesha's hold and ended up sliding to the floor. "But I like it here." Tears filled her eyes. "Why doesn't anyone want me?"

Keesha stooped down and helped Gina to her feet. "It's not that. You shouldn't be at a place like this. It's not respectable."

Gina leaned heavily on Keesha. They reached the four-poster twin bed. As Gina sat, she started to laugh. "Respectable? What's that?"

Keesha bit back a chuckle. Respectability vanished when a woman shared her bed and her heart with the likes of Jason Morgan. Humor faded as Keesha considered how long it took to regain it, if a woman ever did after being with him.

"You're beautiful," Keesha said, using a handkerchief to dry Gina's tears. "And you're smart. You don't need him."

Gina's shoulders slumped. "I'm not as strong as you. I can't walk away from him. I just want him to love me, Keesha. Why can't he? He loved you. Why can't he love me, too? Just a little?" she asked, indicating with her thumb and forefinger.

"He is a hard man," Keesha said. Her heart ached at Gina's misery. She knew the pain well. Moving on hadn't been easy, but it had been necessary. "But you're wrong. He didn't love me. He wanted to own me. When I wouldn't let him…"

"You hurt him when you left."

Keesha remembered her last night with Jason Morgan. A rough night under the sheets wasn't what she needed after learning of her grandmother's death. But that was all Jason wanted. It forced Keesha to take a hard look at herself. She didn't like what she had become…a woman with loose morals and no direction. She pushed Jason away and began to pack the few belongings she'd brought with her when she moved in. He shouted for her to stop. She refused. His face contorted into an angry mask. Fearing for her life, Keesha broke a whiskey bottle and shoved the jagged glass into his gut. He doubled over and she ran for her life.

Safety became an illusion as she was turned away at ever door she ran to. Finally, she came to The Chandler Home for Women. Skye gave her a bed and a job, and promised that Keesha would have nothing to fear from Jason Morgan or his friend Sonny Corinthos. Later, Keesha learned why. Jason didn't want her hurt, so Corinthos honored his wishes. In the back of her mind, Keesha often wondered what would happen if Jason ever changed his mind.

Gina snored softly as she drifted into a drunken sleep. Keesha took the other woman's shoes off and pulled the covers around her. Then she went back to work downstairs, forcing thoughts of Jason Morgan and his world far from her mind.


Sonny Corinthos was rarely left speechless. Few things shocked him. He'd been up, down and around the block enough times to have seen and down it all. But the news he'd just received from Chicago… It was unbelievable. How stupid could one man be? All that power and to lay it on the line? What the hell was Scarface thinking?

"Sonny?" Jason asked, his voice taut with concern. "Who was that on the phone?"

"A friend," Sonny said, his hand still gripping the receiver as it rested in the cradle. "Capone is fucking loco!"

Jason folded his arms across his massive chest. His eyes narrowed. But as usual, he kept his composure. "What he do this time?"

"He went after Bugs and killed seven of his men," Sonny related. "Right in the heart of Chicago at the S.M.C. Cartage Company garage."

"What?! Capone did that?" Jason asked, incredulous.

"The cops don't have him," Sonny related as he went to his private stash and poured two liberal glasses of moonshine. "He's down in Florida, but everybody knows he's behind it. He and Bugs have been going back and forth for a long time now. Capone should have known better. This shit will just bring more heat down on the rest of us!"

Sonny swallowed half the glass of the burning liquid. It fired down his throat and he added more. News like that traveled fast. The Port Charles policemen wouldn't take that kind of information sitting down. Mac Scorpio would use it to run through Sonny's joint. The peace Sonny found at his speak easy would be in the past.

"What do you want to do about it?" Jason asked, drinking his alcohol slowly and methodically. Just like he did most things. "Luciano's got us covered. Capone won't come this way."

"Not personally," Sonny said, "but we can't rule it out. I want you to go down to the City. Have a talk with Luciano. See what he says."

Jason nodded. "What will you do while I'm gone?"

"Prepare for war."

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