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Dara Jensen
Widowed after her husband is killed in a freak accident in 1927, the aspiring poet starts over in Port Charles. But will protecting her sister cause her to lose her soul?
Dawn Jensen
Dara's younger sister wants to be a jazz sensation and sees a gig at the Paradise Lounge as her ticket to fame, but is the cost of success worth the price?
Skye Chandler
The owner of the Chandler Home for Women pays for protection while sleeping with the law. Will she get lost in the middle or become a casualty in the impending war?
Keesha Ward
The mob lieutenant's former lover tries to make amends with her past and reclaim her soul. Is that possible when she's torn in two directions?
Evangeline Williamson
Paradise Lounge's new headliner leaves a love affair behind in Llanview. What will she do when the forbidden follows her to Port Charles?
Gina Cates
Loving a man who doesn't return her affection causes her to take a disastrous path. Will she find the way to pick up the pieces or will she succumb to the darkness?

Sonny Corinthos
The king of bootlegging uses the Paradise Lounge as a front. Nothing stands in his way to achieve his goals to show the big boys in NYC that he's a force to be reckoned with. But will his obsession with one woman blind him to everything else?
Mac Scorpio
The Captain of the new Prohibition Task Force will not allow any bootlegger to p*ss on his turf. When he sees a someone at risk of losing her soul to the devil, will he step in as savior or the devil's advocate?
Jason Morgan
Sonny's lieutenant has a bad reputation and a lack of conscious that makes him a lethal weapon. Will a desire for innocence change him or make him worse?
Linc Madison
A fast-rising movie star comes to Port Charles for R & R and gets entangled in the Paradise Lounge. Will a burning attraction roar into an inferno or will he get consumed by the flames?
Sam Bennett
The law officer's priorities don't always run the straight and narrow. Will outside interests jeopardize his life and his job?
Stone Cates
An aspiring musician goes through the motions at the Paradise Lounge until an unsuspecting woman catches his eye. Will he defy society's taboos or will he venture forth into forbidden territory?
Woody Jackson
A moonshiner/number's runner has his eye on a lady and isn't thrilled when he has competition. What lengths will he go to claim her as his own?
John McBain
A new Lieutenant in the Prohibition Task Force comes to town in search of the woman who broke his heart. Will he do whatever it takes to win her heart or will he lose her to the allure of her ambitions?
Marcus Taggert
An honest man with honest goals desires to clean up his side of town and win the heart of one of a beautiful woman. Will his goals entrap him or set him free?

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