Part Nine

As Elliott and Olivia headed to the EDA's office, Elliott couldn't help but appreciate The City. Half a week in upstate New York did things to him. It made him long for home, with its hustle and bustle. Exhaust fumes. The unmistakable aroma of hot dogs and polish sausages. Outside vendors. God, he loved them.

"You really hated Port Charles, didn't you?" Olivia asked as they marched to the elevator. "You're damn right perky. Obscenely so."

He shrugged. It wasn't just being away from New York that got him down. Recovering from being dumped was still taking its toll on him. But Olivia didn't need to know that. "I wouldn't say I'm perky. Munch has the monopoly on that."

She laughed. "Yeah, right." She punched the up button. Her expression turned serious. "Can you believe what we found out?"

He shook his head. "This changes everything. Lives will be effected."

"Do you think it will go as far as the Bar Association?" she asked.

"Maybe. That will be McCoy's call."

The elevator doors opened. They stepped in. No one else followed and the doors closed.

"She used to be McCoy's law clerk, you know," Olivia said. "You know he has a reputation of getting extra friendly with them. Do you think he'll let this slide? To protect her?"

"We'll soon find out."


"What do you have for me?" Dara waited for Harry to sit before she asked. "Please tell me it's something I can use."

He smiled. "It's something you can use." He handed a folder to her. "Carly Corinthos was a busy woman the week before she died. Most of her time was spent following you and looking into your past."

Dara's eyebrows shot up. Her mouth dropped open. "What?"

"Yes." His expression became solemn. "She contacted various contract assassins. She planned to kill you."

A chill ran down Dara's spine. Her life flashed before her eyes. She'd been so close. Too close to dying. "What changed her mind?"

"Her husband learned of her interest in you. A huge sum of money was put into her account. Real estate was bought in her and her son's names," he replied. "She seemed to have a change of heart then."

Tension filled her. This was good information, but unfortunately… "I can't use any of this. It gives Sonny a motive. He already had means and opportunity. I was hoping you'd find something that implicated her or someone else."

"I did." He pointed at the folder. "Read the last page."


The door closed behind Elliott and Olivia. Jack moved across the room to lock it. He'd met with the detectives without Abby. It had been a fluke. But in hindsight, he was glad it happened. After hearing their summary of events and reading their report, he needed time alone to sort everything out.

Dara had an affair with Sonny.


He went to his desk and pulled out the flask he kept hidden in the bottom drawer. As he took a swig, he mentally reviewed the detectives' notes. Apparently, she and Sonny were pretty involved. She left Port Charles as a result of it. But her past followed her.

The question now was, what would he do with that information?

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