Part Two

Dara fought the urge to stare. Despite the orange jumpsuit and dark stubble, Sonny looked good. He always had a certain powerful aura around him, but damn. Even a NYPD jail couldn’t take it away from him.

She reined in her lust and focused on the man. Then, their conversation began. She asked the question that plagued her since learning of Carly’s death and his arrest. Dara chided herself for not being prepared for his answer.

"Excuse me?"

His mouth curved into a half smile. "You heard me. I’m here for you."

"You can’t have me," she blurted the first thing that came to mind.

His smile faded. "Are you sure about that?"

She shifted uncomfortably on her chair. With his smile gone, all that remained was the predatory gleam in his eyes. It was a look she remembered well. The same look claimed her and her self-control. A year away from him and her self-possession returned. She had no intention of relinquishing it again.

She clutched her belongings as a precursor to flight. "This isn't a game."

"I'm not playing. I meant it. I came to see you."


He looked away then. His jaw clenched. His gaze narrowed as he stared into space. Dara held her breath. This wouldn't be good.

"Carly found out. She knew all along that there was someone. She didn't know it was you until a week ago."

Dara mumbled an expletive. Dawn's warning shouted inside her head. Damn, her kid sister was right. The words motive and suspect mocked her. If she were smart, she'd get out of there.

"How?" she asked.

Sonny shrugged. His eyes connected with hers. Raw anger burned inside the murky depths. Rage. Dara had seen him angry before. Like when he found her packing up her condo. But it didn't compare to this. Murder glinted in his orbs. She instinctively sat back away from him.

"You know Carly. Her methods wouldn't appeal to you. Let's just say the blessed union died and she vowed revenge. I promised I'd always protect you. She came here to do harm. I followed her to make sure that wouldn't happen."


Elliott stepped over the yellow police tape that prevented entry inside the hotel suite. His partner was already there. She smiled as he came toward her.

"How did things go with Kathy?" Olivia asked. Notes filled her notepad.

Geez. Was he that late? Elliott glanced at his watch. Time flew with Dawn. And not just because of the amazing sex…


Jolted, he mumbled, "Huh?"

Her brows drew together into a frown. "When you didn't answer your phone, I assumed you were with Kathy. You know, getting an invite to go back home."

Elliott averted his gaze, cautious of the truth reflecting in his eyes. "Um, no. I was just clearing my head. I didn't get your call." Eager to steer the conversation away from him and his marriage problems, he asked, "Have you been here long?"

"Long enough to stop the maid service from ruining our crime scene."

"What?" His mouth dropped open. "I spoke with the Office Manager yesterday and gave him implicit instructions about this suite. Have you told Cragen?"

She nodded. "He's assigning a rotation of officers to guard the place until we're done."

"A high profile mob murder," he muttered. "You'd think the hotel would cooperate."

"Not unless they have something to hide."

"Don't we all."

Olivia paused as she went through Caroline Roberts Benson Quartermaine Corinthos' purse. She looked at him with concern. "Something you wanna get off your chest?"


"Kathy. Has she met someone else?" Olivia asked. "I'm just asking because you seem distracted. If you don't wanna talk…"

He held her gaze. Tell Olivia that he's sleeping with another detective? Hell no. She couldn't possibly understand when his own infidelity boggled his mind. Legal separation didn't justify his actions, but… He and Detective Jensen connected in way he hadn't connected with a woman, especially his wife, in a long time. When those big brown eyes looked at him, he felt a burning sensation in his gut. Hell, he felt like a man.

"There's nothing to talk about," he finally answered. "Have you gone through the closets?"

"Not again."

"Okay, I'll check it out."


Olivia's voice stopped him in the doorway to the bedroom. He didn't turn to face her. "Yeah?"

"If you ever wanna talk, we can."

"I know, Olivia. I know."

They searched the suite in silence until Olivia called out. "I think I have something."

Elliott went to her. "What? Is that a video?"

"Sure is. Why would she carry it inside her purse?"

"The entertainment center has a DVD player. Let's take it back to the precinct and see what happens."


"Have you heard?" Assistant District Attorney Abby Carmichael entered her boss's office and sat on the guest chair across from him. She slid one slim leg over the other as she waited for his answer.

"It depends," Jack McCoy answered. As an Executive Assistant District Attorney for New York City, he heard many things. From the look on Abby's face, he couldn't pinpoint which bit of information she referred. But apparently, it was juicy.

"Michael aka Sonny Corinthos has hired Dara Jensen as his attorney," Abby said, shaking her head. "I did a little research on them since they're both from Port Charles. A few years back, she was on our side of the law and tried unsuccessfully to put him away. I guess when you can't beat 'em, join 'em would apply. Don't you?"

Jack stopped listening as soon as he heard Dara's name. Dara Jensen. He swallowed hard. That was a name he hadn't heard in years. Long before Abby, Jamie or Claire worked with him, Dara worked as a law clerk for his office. She was eager, determined, passionate and a hard worker. Scholarships and her law clerk position paid for her law school tuition.

She was unforgettable. As his law clerk and as his lover.

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