A Letter Home

By JohnandVan

"You are a child of God and you can make a difference."

Rosa Parksí reason for being was so courageous for us and for our children


Evangeline was drinking a cup of coffee at her worktable mulling over her long day. She had taken three depositions; interviewed two potential clients and ended her day visiting a client charged with two counts of murder, whose case didnít look good at all.

 Her eyes fell to the calendar on her desk. In a week, she was going home. Family and friends would stop in some for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner; others for the desserts, which were famous from the time of her great grandmother. The Williamson traditional family time was legendary.

 There had been good times and lean, but somehow the table was always laden with a feast and the laughter was plentiful. Yet, it was love that filled the house as friends and family celebrated a year together whether hard or prosperous. Perhaps, that was why she pulled out her signature stationary and decided to write her mother. Memories, both loving and poignant, filled her soul.

 Evangeline sat remembering how her father took out his special knife to carve the turkey into perfect slices and teased her mom about cooking huge amounts of food no one would eat. He, of course, knew there would be no leftovers; the food went along with the love. Of course she could have called, but being old fashioned about certain things, she began to write the things she was most thankful for. Her mother and father had taught her to thank God, for the good in your life and especially the bad, because His plan is grander than any pain and more joyful than any triumph.

 Dear Momma,

 Thought of calling, but I just felt like writing. Donít worry, Layla and I will be home Thanksgiving Eve. We knew better than not to show up. I was sort of misty thinking about Thanksgivings past and remembering Daddy. I miss him so much; more during the holidays, remembering all the times we all shared. I remember him telling me and Layla to write down all the reasons weíre thankful. Donít forget to tell God how wonderful He is; He likes to hear you tell Him, Daddy always said.

 Even though this year was fraught with so much turmoil, I didnít forget. I thanked Him, momma, for giving me a great sense of myself; to know Iím His child and Iím so worthy. I thanked Him for giving me the courage to face the truth about John, and even though I loved him, to let him go.

 I thanked Him for giving me the intelligence and a gift of advocacy to help those who need a voice. I thanked Him for sending Layla, her love and her support when I needed them most. I thanked Him for not having John say he loved me, a truth Iíve come to accept. I thanked Him most of all for giving me a family who loved and supported me from the time I was a baby.

 My family is my greatest blessing and most precious gift from God. Yes, the Lordís love sustains me and holds me in His grace when I falter or face adversity. His love is my guiding light and I thank Him for giving me a mother like you, strong and fierce in her faith in me and oh so loving.

 I feel your love and I know your dreams for me and my future. Although Iíve come to have new ones, I still hold on to the ones we spoke of on the ride to school or in the middle of the night. My path may have strayed, but most of the dreams remain. I will continue to use all the wonderful gifts I was given as a child of God and praise him by doing the right thing. Sometimes it is hard to be honorable, but if you do it with love and truth, the rewards are so sweet.

 Thanksgiving will be so much sweeter with you cooking and cleaning and dragging us out of bed early to help prepare for the feast. I canít wait to see what blessings God has in store throughout the end of the year and the new year coming.

 I love you Momma,