Chapter 39

"But the District Attorney might think differently. After all kidnaping and murder is considered a capital offense."

"Now, what are you talking about?" John said exasperated. "I'm getting tired of this little game the two of you are playing. If you have something to say, just say it and leave us alone!"

"That's right!" Evangeline added. "Everybody has a breaking point and we've just about reached ours!"

Keesha calmly sat at the small table by the patio and turned to Jason. "Would you like to do the honors, sweetheart?"

"Why I'd love to," he smiled.

"Just get on with it!" John shouted.

"It seems that three weeks ago a man by the name of T-Mack Kelly was shot and killed."

"And that's supposed to mean what to us?" John asked unfazed, trying to figure out the game being played.

"It means that the District Attorney will be informed that Mr. Kelly was hired to kidnap and murder Malcolm Winters and Lorraine Mansfield," Jason stated. "He was instructed to take them to an abandoned warehouse on East Chelsey, kill them and dispose of the bodies. Fortunately, Mrs. Mansfield was able to escape unharmed. But sadly, Mr. Winters was shot and later suffered severe facial damages."

"What does that have to do with us?" Evangeline slowly asked, squeezing John's hand as the other shoe was about to drop.

"I'll get to that it a minute," Jason replied. "Unfortunately, since Mr. Kelly botched the job, he had to be eliminated."

"By who?" John asked dreading the answer.

"Jason smiled as he savored in delivering the final blow. "By you, John! After all he was hired by Evangeline and shot with your gun!"

Everything started making sense, as John and Evangeline sat in silence feeling their world falling apart.

"Just one question. Why would we want to kidnap and kill Malcolm or Lorraine?"

"Come on John. You did it for love!" Jason insisted. "Now Evangeline, who was the actual mastermind, she did it for the oldest reason in the world, revenge. When Malcolm called off your engagement and left you for another woman, that was bad enough. But then he decides to marry her daughter, well that was like pouring salt into the womb. There was no way you were going to stand by and let him off easy. So you set your plan in motion by befriending Keesha and bedding the private detective hired by Lorraine's husband."

"So the kidnaping and wild goose chase was to prevent both of us from having an alibi, but at the same time placing us at the scene of the crime," John stated. "And I'm sure you have ample proof that we were there?"

"Of course."

"We didn't know this Mr. Kelly, so why would we hire him?" Evangeline asked, feeling her life spinning out of control.

"John, the hot shot private detective, found out that Mr. Kelly shared a sorted past with Mrs. Mansfield," Jason answered. "Naturally there's a trail that leading to that important piece of information."

"How did we dispose of Mr. Kelly's body?" Evangeline wondered.

"They used the same van that brought me to the warehouse," John answered. "More than likely, Mr. Kelly was dead, by the time we got there. No doubt the only finger prints on the van are mine."

"No doubt," Jason nodded. "Victor said you were good. He was right."

"So I guess you'll be calling the police?" Evangeline asked determined not to show defeat.

"Not necessarily," Keesha interrupted.

"I'm confused," Evangeline replied.

"We're willing to let the two of you leave here and go on with your lives," Keesha smiled coldly. "However, it won't be in the United States."

"What!" they both shouted.

"You heard me!" Keesha stated in a threatening tone. "If I see or hear that either one of you have stepped one foot back into the states, the DA will receive enough damaging information to guarantee you both receive the death penalty."

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Evangeline shouted on the verge of hysteria. "You think you can come in here and fuck with our lives and we're supposed to sit back and take your shit!"

The room took on an eerie silence, as Keesha slowly stood face to face with Evangeline. "You really don't want to know who I really am," Keesha emphasized, lightly touching Evangeline's arm.

Evangeline suddenly screamed, as the searing pain shot up her arm. "John!" she cried falling to the floor, feeling the pain spread to her legs.

John rushed to Evangeline's side. "What did you do to her?" he cried, trying to provide some type of comfort, as he watched her writhe in unbearable pain.

"I gave her a small sample of what I'm capable of," Keesha stated in a harsh tone. "Am I getting through to you now?"

"Yes!" they both screamed, as Evangeline started to shake uncontrollably.

"Just make it stop!" Evangeline pleaded curling up in the fetal position.

"Please!" John added. "We'll do whatever you want!"

"Very well," Keesha replied, touching Evangeline's arm. "But I strongly suggest you remember this night. Once again, I've given the two of you a second chance. If our paths ever cross again, I promise to make your lives a living hell!"

"We get the message," John whispered, cradling Evangeline as the pain slowly subsided. "Can we at least go back to the states and get some money and personal items?"

"We've taken the liberty of having all of your assets liquidated and the balances transferred to The Bank of Puerto Vallarta." Jason replied. "Also, your letters of resignations have been written, signed and delivered your employer and clients."

"Well, it's been fun, but we have to go," Keesha smiled wrapping her arms around Jason.

"Yeah, our honeymoon awaits," Jason added.

"Oh, one more thing," Keesha warned, as they prepared to leave. "Don't ever fuck with me or my family again!"


One Year Later

John and Evangeline had withdrew all of their assets from The Bank of Puerto Vallarta and purchased a small villa in the south of Spain; where they opened Williamson-McBain Investigations.

"One day we'll be able to go home again," Evangeline whispered as she and John watched their nine month old daughter, Angelina peacefully sleeping in the nursery. "Keesha may have won the battle, but we're going to win the war."


After renewing their wedding vows, Lorraine was shocked to learn that she was pregnant. For a brief moment, she considered having an abortion. After all, the thought of bringing another Mansfield child into the world did not thrill her. But, the estrangement from Keesha, persuaded her to give it another try.

She watched as Victor held their ten month old son Gabriel and quietly whispered. "Your fate will be different. I promise to be a better wife and mother."


Keesha sat at the breakfast table and watched with amusement as Jason imitated an airplane, in a futile attempt to feed spinach to their eleven month old son, Nicholas. "I don't think he's buying it," Keesha laughed. "You know how stubborn he can be."

"You must get it from your mother," Jason smiled.

Keesha sat back and basked in the joy of her family. "This is how it's supposed to be," she smiled. "No one will ever come between us."


Eighteen Years Later (University of Paris)

The two young men sat in the library and watched the clock strike 4:00 PM. For the past week, they had watched the beautiful young woman come to the library and take a seat in the history section. Neither one believed in love at first sight, but they both knew she would be a part of their destiny.

"Hello, may we sit here?" they asked pointing at the seat next to her. "Or are you expecting someone?"

"No, I'm not expecting anyone," she smiled. "Please sit down."

"My name is Nicholas and this is Gabriel."

"Hi, I'm Angelina," she said shaking their hands. "It's nice to meet you both."

********************************************************************************** Later That Evening

She went back to her apartment and dialed the private number. After three rings, Evangeline finally answered. "Hello."

"Hi Mom."

"Hi baby. So how did it go?"

"Phase one is going just like we planned," she smiled. "Trust me, it won't be long, before Gabriel and Nicholas become enemies and the Mansfield/Quartermane house of cards starts tumbling down."