Web of Deception-Chapter Three

"It's so nice to finally meet you," Malcolm said with a twinkle of victory in his eyes, as he looked at Lorraine.

"Keesha has told me so much about the both of you, I already feel like family," he said shaking Victor's hand and giving Lorraine an affectionate hug.

Cold hard rage ran through every fiber of her body. Not willing to let him get the upper hand, Lorraine flipped the script and returned Malcolm's embrace. "It's so nice to meet you too," Lorraine sweetly replied.

Stepping between the two lovebirds, she guided them towards the living room. "Why don't we have a drink and get acquainted before dinner. We gave our cook the night off, but Mr. Mansfield is quite the chef. I hope you both don't mind, we're having grilled salmon. But we can order out or prepare something else if you prefer."

Malcolm and Keesha were thrown off-guard by Lorraine's sweet demeanor. But, Victor knew his wife to well, to believe she had a sudden change of heart.

"Salmon is fine," they both replied.

"Keesha, why don't you come and help me prepare the salad," Victor requested giving Lorraine a quick wink. "It'll give the two of us a chance to catch up, while your mother and Malcolm get acquainted.

Keesha hesitated, unsure if she should leave Malcolm alone with her mother. But Malcolm reassured her that everything would be fine.

"I trust you'll treat him just like family, won't you mother?"

"As if he were my own son," Lorraine smiled inhaling the recently lit cigarette.

Once Keesha and Victor left the room, Lorraine calmly sat next to Malcolm on the loveseat, blowing rings of smoke in his face.

"What?" he asked fanning away the smoke. "Oh, you think I'm marrying Keesha to get revenge on you for dumping me, right?" he smiled. "Well, Rainy, it just isn't true. I love Keesha and she loves me. We're getting married and there's not a damn thing you can do about it."

Before Malcolm could react, Lorraine had flicked the lit cigarette into his lap. The heat from the cigarette caused him to fall back on the sofa. With one swift move, Lorraine used her right knee and pressed it against his neck, to pin him to the sofa.

"Now, listen to me very carefully you little prick, because I'm only going to say this once," she whispered. "The day you marry my daughter, is the day I put a bullet through your cold heart."