Web of Deception-Chapter One

Malcolm stood behind Lorraine and gently kissed the curve of her neck as his hands slowly caressed her breast. They spent their usual Thursday afternoon making love, but she had to cut their day short.

"I have to get home," she said pulling away from his embrace.

"You can stay a little while longer," he pleaded pretending to pout like a child.

Lorraine laughed, "I must admit it's tempting love, but I really have to go. My husband cut his business trip short. And we wouldn't want him getting suspicious, now would we?"

"So, when are you going to tell him about us?" Malcolm asked. "It's been three months and I'm getting tired of all this sneaking around. I love you Lorraine, but I'm not going to wait around forever."

Lorraine continued to put the finishing touches of makeup on her face. Finally, she turned around to look at her young lover. "Now, I know you're not giving me an ultimatum?" she calmly asked.

"Well, I am," Malcolm, replied with his usual confidence. All his life women had always given in to his demands. He knew Lorraine would be no different. "Either you tell your husband or I walk. It's not like there aren't other woman out there who wouldn't love to be with me."

"What an arrogant little prick," she thought. Come here she instructed him with her index finger.

"That's what I'm talking about," he said closing the distance between them. Malcolm lost all sense of time as her hot kisses worked him into frenzy. He had been with many women in his twenty-five years. But, none of those women could hold a candle to Lorraine.

"Did you like that?" she whispered in her most seductive tone.

"Baby, you know I did."

"Good," she said slowly pulling away from his embrace. "Because it's the last time you'll ever taste or feel these lips again." Her once seductive demeanor had turned cold.

"Lorraine, baby."

"Don't Lorraine baby me," she said coldly. "I know you think you're the shit, but trust me you're not. Now I'll admit, you've got skills in the bedroom department, but you ain't all that."

"Well, obviously you're husband doesn't give you what you need in bed, that's why you came begging me," he shouted.

"Is that what you think?" she laughed. "Little boy, you were never more than a pleasant amusement to pass the time. As for my husband, you don't even begin to match him in the bedroom department. He has moves you haven't even learned."

"You're lying!"

"As for me leaving my husband for you, that was never going to happen."

"You bitch," he shouted lounging for her.

Moving quickly, Lorraine's knee caught him in the balls. Regaining her composure, she gathered her small bag and headed towards the door.

"I guess we're both in agreement that it's over," she said closing the door behind her.

"That's what you think," he said. "I'm going to get even with you Lorraine!"