Undeniable Part 26

Jason had come to discover how ironic life could be. After the coma, he had no use for 'his family', who had a reputation of stabbing each other in the back at any given moment. But when the chips were down, the Quartermaines rallied together and protected their own.

Jason was surprised how the Quartermaines and Wards joined forces fending off the media, to protect their family name. Everyone agreed to support the story that AJ, Dara and Justus had devised, including Jason.

After Keesha was safely hidden, AJ called a press conference at ELQ to clarify the 'false accusations' that were being spread about the Quartermaines and Wards.

He informed the reporters that Keesha had indeed been pregnant at the time of the accident. The loss of 'their' child was devastating and they would appreciate the press and media respecting their privacy. At present Keesha was convalescing at an undisclosed location.

A jealous lover of AJ's was responsible for spreading the false rumors of an affair between Keesha and Jason Morgan. Apparently, this woman, who shall remain nameless, felt she could bad name Keesha, as a way to get to AJ.

Since family has always come first for Keesha, she decided to resign as the Director of Ward House and Charles Street Foundation, to focus on being a wife and mother.

Jason and AJ arriving together at the scene of the accident was a mere coincidence. When AJ was asked why Jason and not AJ rode with Keesha to the hospital, AJ simply explained, with the utmost sincerity, that everyone in the room knew his brother suffered amnesia from a head on collision. To AJ's surprise the shock of seeing Keesha lying lifeless on the cold pavement triggered a strong memory for 'Jason Quartermaine.' Despite being distraught, he felt it would be best to let Jason ride in the ambulance. Unfortunately, the memory was only temporary and he reverted back to 'Jason Morgan.'

AJ had no knowledge of Jason ending his relationship with Robin Scorpio and resuming one with Carly Roberts.

The police still had an ongoing investigation, but presently had no leads on the man who attacked Keesha. However, he along with the Quartermaines and Wards were confident justice would prevail.

Jason didn't know if he would ever be close to 'his family' again. But he had developed a newfound respect for them. ******************************************************************************

Furious didn't even come close to how Keesha was feeling. Enraged was a better word. She couldn't believe that Jason and AJ had the nerve to keep her in the dark about Robin.

"Well, I intend on giving Mr. Morgan a piece of my mind," she said. Before she could finish her thought, Jason came through the door with flowers and presents in tow.

As Carly headed to her office on the first floor, the expression on her face let Jason know something was wrong.

"I'm sorry Jason, but I accidentally let it slip about Robin and Keesha is furious."

"How did that happen," he scowled.

"Hey, don't get angry with me. You should have told her the truth!" Carly replied.

"Jason Morgan!" Keesha yelled.

Carly gave Jason a supportive pat on the shoulder and quickly left the apartment.

"Hey baby," he said. Hoping to defuse the situation, he reached out to give her the flowers and presents. Unfortunately, Keesha's right hook to his jaw, sent the flowers and candy flying in one direction and Jason in another.

"Don't you dare, hey baby me, you arrogant, chauvinistic son of a bitch!"

Trying to regain his balance, Jason made every attempt to ease her mind as he dodged the flying dishes aimed towards his head. "Are you going to let me explain?" he asked, finding refuge in the bathroom.

"Coward, you come out here and face me like a man," Keesha yelled, kicking and pounding on the door. The burning tears streamed down her face, as every kick and scream released all her anger and rage.

Twenty minutes had passed before Jason heard silence on the other side of the door. Unsure if it was safe to exit the bathroom, he cracked the door and saw Keesha calmly sitting on the sofa. He stepped over the broken dishes and took a seat next to her.

"So, have you found Robin yet?" she asked.

"Yes," he replied. "My men were able to track down the man that attacked you. They call him JT. Apparently, he's an ex-con, who served time for theft and assault. After some creative persuading, he confirmed Robin was the mastermind behind the attack. He also gave up the name of the PI that hired him, a Ray Armstrong."

"Was he the one following me?"

"Yes," he said. " He was also responsible for planting the recording device in your watch. He was more than willing to flip on Robin, if we got the bookies off his back. Unfortunately, Mr. Armstrong is a heavy gambler."

"Where is she?" Keesha asked.

"We traced her to a small rented house near the Miami airport. According to my sources, she plans on leaving the country very soon. So, I'll be leaving tonight."

"You mean we're leaving tonight," Keesha corrected him.

"What do you mean we…wait a minute," Jason said. He knew Keesha wanted Robin to pay for the loss of their baby, but there was no way she was going on this trip. It was too dangerous.

"You're staying here," Jason demanded, leaping from the sofa.

"I know you don't honestly think I'm going sit her being the dutiful girlfriend, while you're off chasing that bitch!"

"Keesha, this trip is too dangerous."

"You listen to me, Mr. Jason Morgan. Either I'm going or you can leave and never come back!" Keesha replied defiantly. "We're partners in this relationship. If you can't respect that, then you might as well keep on stepping. Cause I don't need some wannabe macho man trying to run my life!

"Alright!" Jason yelled. "Anything to shut you up." Looking at her in disbelief, "You've got to be the most stubborn woman I've ever met."

"You love me for it," Keesha sweetly replied, lightly kissing his bruised cheek. Pulling a duffel bag out of the hall closet, "I'm ready. Let's go get some pay back on that bitch!"