Undeniable Part 25

Jason sat at Keesha's bedside, watching as she peacefully slept. Even the bruises that covered her face could not diminish her beauty.

Before tonight, he'd never understood the feeling of guilt. But now, guilt plagued his mind. He finally realized that Keesha's accident and the loss of their baby were the result of his actions. He was so full of himself, that the thought of Robin retaliating never crossed his mind.

Since waking from the coma, he had developed an uncanny instinct, when it came to reading people and anticipating their reaction to any given situation. But the blinders were on when it came to Robin. She had been so kind and understanding after his accident, never passing judgment or pressuring him to become Jason Quartermaine. Now he realized, she was only looking out for her own interests.

"I was a fool," he said gently caressing Keesha's hand. "You were right all along. I just didn't want to see the truth about Robin. I don't deserve your love, but I will love you forever."

The sound of AJ's voice broke Jason's train of thought. "I hate to interrupt, but we need to talk."

"Let's go out in the hallway," Jason replied.

"What's going on?"

"I have good news and bad. The good news is, I had one of my technicians come here and exam the items that Keesha was wearing and he confirmed my suspicions," AJ said. "The video device was in her watch. There maybe a chance that we can trace it through the serial number and find out who made the purchase."

"Great, so what's the bad news?" Jason asked.

"An 'anonymous caller' informed my contact at the local television station, that you were the father of Keesha's baby."

"Dammit!" Jason yelled. "I guess we both know, who is responsible for tipping off the media."

"Robin of course," AJ replied.

"That bitch knew it was the perfect way to buy herself some time. She knows the media will swarm down on us like vultures," he stated bitterly.

"We have to take Keesha someplace safe until this situation dies down. It has to be some place no one will think to look for her," Jason said.

"Well it can't be at the mansion, Justus' or her parents' home. Those are the first places they'd look," AJ said.

"I know the perfect place." Jason said.

"You really surprised me," Keesha said. "I'm so use to you looking out for your own self-interest and not giving a flying fuck about anybody else."

"Are you trying to give me a compliment?" Carly asked pouring another cup of tea.

"I guess I am," Keesha replied.

For the past several weeks, Keesha had been convalescing right under the media's nose, at an apartment Carly kept above C&B. No one would think to look for Keesha here, since everyone in town knew there was no love lost between the two women.

While Keesha was recovering, Jason was busy trying to track down Robin. Unfortunately, with the media following his every move, the time they could spend together was limited.

Keesha Ward and Jason Morgan were the news of the decade in Port Charles. There was some new speculation in the tabloid everyday. Was it true that she and Jason Morgan were lovers? What happened to her engagement with AJ? Was she sleeping with both men? Were Ward House and the Charles Street Foundation being used to launder money for the mob?

In the meantime, Robin and her henchmen had managed to successfully sneak out of town. But, Jason was not deterred. He already had a lead on the man who attacked Keesha. It was only a matter time before Robin was found.

"Thank you," Keesha said with sincerity. "I'm sure you're not crazy about having me here. But I appreciate what you've done."

"Look, you and I are never going to be friends. But that doesn't mean you deserved what happened. I knew Robin was a bitch, but even I never thought she would do anything so underhanded. At least I use to think that, until she showed up at my restaurant last week acting like a raving maniac."

"What do you mean Robin showed up here?" Keesha asked. "Why? What does she have to do with any of this?"

"Don't you know?" Carly asked. "Surely, Jason and AJ told you what's going on."

"All I know is what Jason told me, that one of his enemies was responsible for my accident. What are you talking about?" Keesha demanded.

"Ummm…I think I've said too much already. You should talk to Jason," Carly replied nervously.

"What the hell is going on? Tell me the truth!"

"Apparently, the man that attacked you was hired by Robin."

The impact of Carly's statement hit Keesha like a ton of bricks. All this time, she thought the man was an enemy of Jason's trying to exact some revenge. It never occurred to her that Robin was the enemy.

"That's impossible. That means, she knew I was pregnant," Keesha said confusion clouding her mind. "How would she have known?"

"All I know is some type of video device was planted in your watch. Robin has been watching your every move, since Jason broke off their relationship. If you ask me, she's gone off the deep end."

"Why didn't Jason tell me any of this?" Keesha demanded.

"Jason and AJ didn't want to upset you. It was important that you rest," Carly said.

"That bitch killed my baby! I had every right to know!" Keesha seethed. "Jason and AJ had know right to keep me in the dark about this."

"Keesha, you just went through a terrible ordeal. The last thing you needed was to deal with news about Robin. I'm sure Jason was going to tell you."

"Wait a minute. If she knew I was pregnant, then she must have leaked the news to the media."

"Jason and AJ thought the same thing," Carly replied.

"Where is Jason now and don't tell me you don't know," Keesha stated.

"He may have found the guy that attacked you."

"So let me guess, if he can get this guy to talk, he'll be able to find Robin and kill her. Then I'm left alone, while he's doing a life sentence upstate!"

"But can you really blame him?"

"Of course not, but killing Robin is not the way to handle things. Don't get me wrong, I want her to pay for what she's done, but not at the expense of losing Jason again," Keesha said. "Trust me, she will pay dearly, but all in due time."

Although they never got along in the past, Carly always knew Keesha to be compassionate, forgiving and true to her word.

The look in Keesha's eyes sent a chill down Carly's spine. There would be no compassion or forgiveness once Robin was found. But Keesha would be true to her word, Robin would pay, dearly.