Undeniable by Nene

Part 24

Robin anxiously waited with Ray Armstrong for the hired hand, JT to return from Port Charles. She was pissed that her plan to frighten Keesha into leaving town had completely backfired. Ray assured her, that JT would be discreet and get the job done.

Instead, there would be major repercussions for his incompetence.

Robin felt the cool breeze as JT burst through the door. It was apparent, from the slight limp that his right foot was still sore from Keesha's piercing heel.

"What happened to Keesha?" Robin demanded. "We saw her running down the alley screaming, then suddenly everything went black."

"That crazy bitch ran out into the intersection and got herself hit by a car. Before I knew it, there were people and police sirens everywhere," he said.

"Did anybody see you?" Ray asked.

"No, I don't think so. I did my best to blend in with the onlookers. But I did see these two guys pushing their way through the crowd. From the expressions on their face, they must know her pretty well.

"What did they look like," Robin asked. As if she didn't already know.

JT was focused on the swelling in his foot, which began to worsen. Easing the shoe off, he slowly began massaging the sore area.

"They were both about 6'1, blond hair and blue eyes. One was dressed in black jeans, T-shirt and leather jacket, while the other one looked like he stepped out of a Brooks Brothers catalog. The one in the leather jacket rode in the ambulance with little Ms. Karate Kid to the hospital."

"Let me guess," Ray said. "Jason and AJ Quartermane."

"Damn. How could you have screwed things up so badly?" Robin demanded.

"Hey lady back off," JT replied. "How did I know she would try some self-defense move? You guys told me she would be no problem. Well, you were wrong."

"So what do we do now?" Ray wondered.

Robin removed two envelopes from her purse. "I suggest you two take this money and get out of town ASAP." She knew it wouldn't be long before Jason figured things out and once that happened, all hell would break loose.

"Hey, where's the rest of my money?" JT shouted as he towered over Robin. I only count $2500. You guaranteed me five grand lady, and I want the rest of my money now!"

"Fine," Robin said, reaching for her purse. The 35-caliber snub-nose gun pointed in JT's direction calmed his temper. "You should be grateful I'm giving your sorry ass anything."

"Look.... lady, calm down," JT stammered. "There's no need to get crazy."

"All you had to do was scare her. But no, you let it slip about the baby, and then you let her get away. I could have done a better job myself," Robin said bitterly.

"Robin, why don't you put the gun down, before it goes off by accident," Ray pleaded.

She looked at both men with disdain. It was obvious they underestimated her abilities. They thought she was some emotionally helpless female.

"Let me enlighten the two of you," she said, calmly taking a seat in the corner of the room.

"My parents were both CO-OP agents for the US government. My uncle is the Police Commissioner of Port Charles and my good friend Sonny Corinthos and ex-boyfriend are in the mob. Now gentlemen, do you think for one minute that I didn't pick up a few tips here and there about using firearms?"

"Hey lady, I just want my money," JT said.

"Shut up!" Robin shouted. "In the last few years, I've lost my parents and the love of my life. I'm sick and tired of being a loser and having happiness snatched from me. I'm fucking tired of being the nice girl and taking it on the chin!"

Ray and JT both inched towards the door, hoping to get out of the room uninjured. It was obvious she was over the edge.

"You think I'm crazy, don't you?" Robin asked, with a slight smirk. "Pissed off would be a better word.

Robin picked up the phone and began dialing the number to the local television station.

"What are you doing?" Ray asked, relieved by the fact she had finally calmed down.

"I'm buying us some time," she said. "Hello, I need to speak with one of your reporters. What is this in regards to? It's about Keesha Ward's accident and the unborn baby she's carrying. I just thought someone should know, that the father is Jason Morgan. Yes, that's right. Jason Morgan, right hand man to Sonny Corinthos. What's my name? Well, I'd rather not say for fear of retaliation." (Click)

"That's just going to make things worse," Ray said.

"No, it's going to buy us enough time to get out of town," Robin replied.

Ray was confused. "Aren't you afraid that Jason's going to figure out that you informed the press about Keesha's pregnancy?"

"I'm not afraid of Jason," Robin said. "But I suggest the two of you haul ass."

"I'm out of here," JT said as he limped out of the motel room.

Shaking his head, Ray packed up his gear and headed for the door. "This is a dangerous game you're playing Robin. I hope you know what you're doing," he grinned closing the door.

"That's right this is a dangerous game, but this time Jason and Keesha will lose, big time."