Undeniable by Nene

Part 22

Keesha took one last look at the surroundings of her office at Charles Street Foundation. The decision to resign was an easy one to make. Once the news of her impending pregnancy and relationship with Jason got out, the press would have a field day.

She could see the headlines now, 'Director of Ward House and The Charles Street Foundation lover of local mobster!' The reputation of both organizations would be destroyed, along with her family name. In addition, the police would try and find a way to use this against Jason. There was no way; she was going to let that happen.

"Jason is going to be so happy," she said. "But, I want the mood to be just right, when I tell him tonight." Keesha noticed the clock radio flashed 8:00 p.m. "If I leave now, I can pick up of few items from the market."

She picked up the briefcase and decided to have the remainder of her things sent to her apartment. Taking another look around the office, Keesha locked up and headed for her car, parked in the lot behind the Foundation. Her mind was so preoccupied with the special dinner she had planned for Jason, that she didn't notice the tall dark figure lurking the bushes behind the lot.

(Beep, Beep) She reached for the cell phone in her purse. "Hello."

"Keesha, it's Jason!"


"Hello, hello, Keesha!" Jason yelled, slamming the phone on the bar. "Damn!"

"What happened?" AJ asked with a sense of panic.

"She answered, then the phone went dead," Jason said heading for the door. "Something's wrong!"

AJ was right on Jason's heel. "I'm going with you," he said. To AJ's surprise, Jason did not protest.

"Fine," Jason said. "But, I'm driving."

Keesha's screamed was muffled by the stranger's hand over her mouth. She tried to break free, but he had a strong grip around her waist.

"What does he want? Oh my God, what if he's a rapist!" Before she could complete her thoughts, the stranger leaned in close, placing his mouth against her right ear.

"I have a message from an old friend," he whispered in a menacing tone. "It would be healthy for you to leave town by tomorrow. If not, I'll pay you and the baby an unpleasant visit.

Her mind was racing. "What old friend? "Who is he talking about? And how does he know, I'm pregnant?"

A chill ran down Keesha's spine. This was no random act of violence. Someone wanted to cause her harm. She had to act quickly. Remembering a technique from her self-defense class, Keesha drove her spiked heel into the stranger's right foot.

The piercing pain caused the stranger to release his grip; long enough for Keesha to break free and give him a swift kick the balls.

Fear was replaced by pure adrenalin, as Keesha broke into a full sprint towards the intersection of Maple and Grand, screaming at the top of her lungs. "Help, rape! Someone, help me!" she cried.

The intersection was a few feet ahead. Keesha increased her pace, as she turned to see the man gaining ground. "Jason, please help me," she cried.

"I'm going to get you bitch," the stranger yelled.

Keesha turned the corner, blinded by the lights of the oncoming car, before everything went black.

AJ and Jason were a few minutes away from the Foundation, when traffic came to a sudden halt.

The sound of the blaring sirens from the ambulance and police car filled the air, as the vehicles sped by, in the direction of the Foundation.

Their crystal blue eyes locked, as both men had the same terrifying thought. Abandoning the car, they decided to run the rest of the way.

They reached the intersection, which was crowed with onlookers, police cars and paramedics. Jason and AJ pushed their way through the crowd.

"She just ran out into the street," said one onlooker.

"I think someone was chasing her," said another.

The sight of Keesha lying on the cold pavement stopped both brothers dead in their tracks.