Undeniable Part 21

AJ took another sip from his glass of club soda. He hoped a light supper and a little jazz music at C&B would help ease his mind, before catching the midnight flight back to London and to Dara's waiting arms. The thought of Dara was a comforting distraction from the uneasy feeling he'd been having all week.

Since Robin's erratic behavior last week at C&B, AJ couldn't shake the feeling that she intended to physically harm Keesha.

"Of course it's only natural, she would be upset over her abrupt breakup with Jason, he whispered. "I'm sure finding out Keesha, of all people, was the reason why, made the hurt sting that much more.

But AJ couldn't forget the crazed look in Robin's eyes and her venomous comments about Keesha. Of course there was no love lost on Keesha's part towards Robin.

The two women were once best friends. After Jason's accident, Keesha confided in Robin about her hopes and fears of their future. The feeling of betrayal cut deep, when Robin arrived on Jason's arm at the Nurse's Ball the following year.

Despite Jason's rejection of her, Keesha hoped Robin would've worked as a liaison to help bring them together. Instead, she used Keesha's most intimate thoughts to her advantage to get "Jason".

From that moment on, Keesha saw Robin in a new light and made every attempt to avoid any chance encounters, for fear of causing her bodily harm.

Once Robin found out that AJ and Keesha were a couple, she tried to play the part of peacemaker, by trying to repair their friendship. But Keesha wasn't having any of it. She knew it was just a way for Robin to keep tabs on her, in case Jason regained any memories.

"How ironic, that after all Robin's efforts, Keesha and Jason still found their way back to each other," he said.

AJ tried to rationalize the situation. "I've known, Robin since she was a sweet kid. Despite the pain and loss of her parents and Stone, she always managed to come out stronger. I really want to believe she wouldn't harm Keesha, but my gut tells me different" Pulling out his cell phone, "I'll call Keesha and let her know about my conversation with Robin."

He began to punch the speed dial for Ward House, when he saw Jason take a seat at the bar. "Maybe I should let Jason know. He probably wouldn't believe me." Rising from his table, AJ decided to put aside his pride and talk to his "brother". After all, Keesha's safety was more important.

Jason had spotted AJ once he entered the bar, but chose not to acknowledge him. Since the accident, there was no love lost between the two "brothers". They led their separate lives never having anything in common. Now they did, "Keesha".

AJ headed straight toward Jason. "Damn," Jason mumbled under his breath. Without taking his eyes off the television over the cash register, Jason continued to drink his beer, ignoring the man standing behind him.

"Hello, Jason."


"I need to talk to you," AJ said undeterred by Jason's usual stoic behavior.

"About what?" Jason asked. "Like I don't already know," he thought to himself.

Taking a deep breath, "I know that you and Robin broke up," he said. And...

Flash of anger shown in Jason's eyes as he turned to face AJ. "How the hell do you know about me and Robin?" he asked angrily. "And what business is it of yours?"

Unable to control his temper, AJ took a step closer to Jason. The two men were nose to nose. "I know about you and Robin, because she told me. She also told me about you and Keesha, you arrogant son of a bitch!"

For the first time the stoic masked slipped, covered with surprise and shock. "How did Robin know about me and Keesha?" Jason wondered.

"Did I hear Robin's name?" a voice asked from behind the bar. Both men turned to see Carly. "I don't know, what happened between you two," she said looking in Jason's direction. "But my secretary said she showed up here last week acting crazy and demanding to speak to me. Fortunately, I was at a meeting, so I never saw her."

A chill ran down AJ's spine. "Where's Keesha now?" he nervously asked.

"She should be at the Charles Street Foundation. Why?" Jason asked, for the first time fearing the truth.

"Call her, now!" AJ demanded. "Somehow, I think she's in danger."