Undeniable Part 20

Keesha finished the breakfast dishes as she prepared for a busy day. Jason had left an hour ago, still wondering about her mysterious whereabouts for the last week. It was really no mystery. She simply went back home to Philadelphia to visit her parents and get a clear perspective about the direction her life was taking. However, she did enjoy toying with him.


Keesha informed her parents that the engagement was off. Although her mother was disappointed, her father did nothing to hide his relief. "Thank goodness you came to your senses. Those Quartermanes are nothing but trouble," he said. "Now maybe you'll finally comeback home and find yourself a nice, respectable black man to marry."

"I have no intentions of marrying anyone right now," Keesha told her father. "As for coming back to Philadelphia, that's not going to happen anytime soon."

"Does that mean, you're not seeing anyone," he inquired.

Sensing that he had someone in mind, Keesha immediately halted any plans he had for matchmaking. "I've been close to someone, but we're just taking things slow," she assured her father. Not wanting him to know, that someone was Jason Morgan.

"Is it someone, we know? What does he do for a living," he asked.

'No, daddy, you don't know him. He's a businessman. He has his hands in a little bit of everything."

"Well, when do we get to meet this young man?"

"Not right now. He has a very busy schedule, but I'll let you know."

Instead of her stress level going down, it only went up after spending a few days under her parent's watchful eye. Before she left Philadelphia, Keesha made an appointment, with an old high school friend, who practiced General Medicine at Philadelphia General.

The phone rang, just as Keesha was heading out the door. "Hello."

"Hello, may I speak with Keesha Ward, please."

"May I ask whose calling?" she wondered.

"My name is Brenda Taylor. I'm Dr. Donna Taylor's nurse at Philadelphia General."

"Oh, this is Keesha," she said, trying to hide the concern in her voice. "Is something wrong," she asked.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you, Ms. Ward," the nurse assured her. "Dr. Taylor had to go out of town, but she wanted me to call and give you the good news."

"What good news?" Keesha wondered.

"Congratulations! You're pregnant!"

"I don't fucking believe it!" Robin yelled, as she slammed her fist against the leather seat of the van, as she heard the news. "First she steals Jason from me, now the bitch is pregnant with his child!"

Robin pulled up the number on her cell phone and dialed. "It's me. I'll be needing your services again," she said to the voice on the other end. "When, tonight. Don't worry, I'll make it worth your while," she assured the caller, before ending their conversation.

Robin watched as Keesha left her apartment. "No matter what the consequences, I'm going to get rid of Keesha once and for all."