Undeniable Part 19 (Rated NC-17 Strong Sexual Content)

The feel of the steamy hot water on her body, was a welcome relief for Keesha. She stood in the shower and let the hot water ease her tired muscles.

The six-hour drive from Port Charles to Philadelphia helped to clear her mind, but it took a toll on her body.

In one weeks time, she and AJ ended their relationship, Jason broke-up with Robin, AJ let her keep the engagement ring and of course AJ's wonderful gift, was a lot to absorb. She needed time to think about her future.

Keesha would have laughed in anyone's face, if they told her, the day would come that Jason Morgan would be the love of her life. Yet, that day was here. But being in love with him and living the life of a mobster's girlfriend, was a different matter. Keesha knew he enjoyed this life of crime. Therefore, asking him to give it up wasn't an option. She knew Robin tried with no success. So what made her think things would be different if she asked.

Jason wasn't one for ultimatums and neither was she. So what kind of future did that leave for them? Would she be able to walk away from him? That was highly unlikely. It took them so long to find their way back to each other, that the thought of losing him again, was more than she could bear. Somehow, they would find a way to make it work

The heat from the water started to cool as Keesha turned off the shower and reached for her towel. "That's funny, I know I hung it on the towel bar." Pulling back the shower curtains, Keesha screamed. "What are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here, where the hell have you been?" Jason asked, unable to hide his anger as he held the towel out of her reach. "Don't you check your messages? I've been trying to reach you for the past week!"

Keesha snatched the towel out of his hands, as she walked passed him into the bedroom. "I had to attend to some personal business," she said, as the towel dropped to the floor. "And since when do I need your permission to leave town?" she asked, while slowly rubbing cocoa butter on her arms.

"You didn't answer my question," he said, as the bulge in his pants began to grow, watching as she continued to rub cocoa butter on her breasts.

"Where do you think, I've been," she asked, curious about his answer.

Hoping he was wrong. "I figure you were with AJ."

"You're partly right," she said.

Jason felt his chest tighten. "So, you've decided to marry him after all and have one last fling with me, is that it?"

Pouring more cocoa butter in her hand, Keesha lay back on the bed and slowly began rubbing it from her feet, tracing the curve of her legs, to her inner thighs. "Come closer," her lustful voice demanded.

Enjoying her efforts of seduction, Jason took a few steps toward the bed, unable to take his eyes off this vision of beauty. "So tell me, Keesha, are you going to marry AJ? Because, he's going to have one hell of a fight on his hands, if that's the case."

With a seductive smile on her face, Keesha took her right foot and slowly began tracing the outline of his manhood, as she stared into his crystal blue eyes.

"AJ and I are no longer together. He came here to call off the engagement. Apparently, he's moving to London to be with his true love, Dara Jenkins," she said continuing her erotic massage.

"So where does that leave us?" Jason asked. But the look in Keesha's eyes told him everything he needed to know. They belonged to each other. No matter what obstacles lay ahead on this journey, they would face them together.

Jason was no longer able to hold back his passion. One minute was all it took for him to strip bare, as he took her right foot and slowly suckled each toe. He continued to trace the back of her legs and inner thigh with his tongue.

"That's it.baby, you know what I like," Keesha moaned, as Jason devoured her sweet valley.

Unable to hold back any longer, Jason pulled away from her sweet valley and turned Keesha on her stomach. In on swift move he entered her from behind.

"Yesss.." she screamed, matching him thrust for thrust, gripping the sheets on the bed.

"Yeah..baby," he moaned, holding her hips as they both worked to go deeper. "You feel so good," he whispered in her ear.

"Say my name," Keesha moaned.


"Say it again," she demanded, working him into an erotic frenzy.



The intensity of their climax left them both breathless. They lay intertwined in each other's arms, for an hour before making long slow love to each other all night.

Unaware Robin was in a van behind Keesha's building, listening and watching their every move. "Enjoy, this night together. Because, it'll definitely be your last."