Undeniable Part 18

AJ had been working late all week at the office since his return from London. He decided to take a break. Not wanting to go back to the mansion, he decided to head to C&B's for a bite to eat.

The restaurant was almost filled to capacity. AJ arrived just in time to get a corner table near the bar. He had to give Carly credit; she really managed to turn this place into one of the hot spots in Port Charles.

He began to look over the selections on the menu, when a familiar voice called his name. "Hello, AJ." Looking up from the menu, the sound of the voice was coming from Robin standing at the bar.

"I didn't know you were back in town," she said taking a seat at his table. "It's okay, if I join you?" she innocently asked. "Mac is busy at work and I really don't feel like eating alone."

Not wanting to be impolite, "Sure, it's fine," he said.

"So, where's Jason?" he asked. "The two of you are usually inseparable."

"I have no idea," she said bitterly. "Ever since he broke things off between us, I'm not privy to his whereabouts."

"Broke up, really!" sounding surprised. "What brought this on?" he wondered.

"Why don't you asked your girlfriend, Keesha. She should know, since she's fucking him!"

"What the hell are you talking about Robin?" he asked slightly amused by her accusation. "There's no way Keesha would be with Jason Morgan. She can't stand him and visa-versa."

"Well, I have a video tape that proves otherwise!" she stated angrily. "They've been making fools of both of us."

"I don't believe you. And what video tape are you talking about," he asked no longer amused by the conversation.

"I hired a private investigator to follow Keesha. He found out that she and Jason have been meeting at some cabin on the outskirts of town for their little rendezvous."

"So that's why she called off the wedding," he thought as he drowned out Robin's ranting.

Anger was the first emotion AJ felt. All this time Keesha had been unfaithful to him. But the more he thought about his love for Dara, the more he realized he probably would have done the same thing or worse, if Dara woke up one day and didn't remember the love they shared. As hard as he tried, he really couldn't be angry with Keesha. Of course he hated the idea of her being with Jason Morgan. But now that he found happiness of his own, AJ wasn't about to ruin things for Keesha. If Jason Morgan is the person that makes her happy, who was he to stand in the way?

"AJ, did you hear me?" she asked annoyed at his lack of attention

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" he asked.

"I said what are we going to do about this situation between Keesha and Jason?"

"There's nothing to do," he stated.

"What do you mean there's nothing to do!" she asked raising her voice. "We can't just let them get away with lying and cheating behind our backs. We have to let them both know, they can't tell a person one day, they love them and then kick them to the curb the next day!"

Noticing the stares of some of the other patrons at Robin's behavior, AJ made an attempt to calm her down. "Look Robin, I'm sorry your relationship with Jason ended, but there's really nothing that can be done. Especially, since Keesha and I are no longer together."

Robin felt a sense of unbridled rage flow through her body. "No longer together, when did this happen?" she demanded.

"Last week," he said becoming concerned about her behavior. "We both realized, getting married would be a mistake. Now, I know Keesha's reason why."

"And you're not angry or hurt by her betrayal."

"I'll admit I'm hurt, but it's all for the best."

"You and Jason are so full of it," she shouted. "Tell me something, what is it about Keesha? What kind of hold does she have that makes the two of you complete idiots? Is it her looks? Is she that good in bed? You always had to play second best to Jason and you still are. Aren't you man enough to fight back!"

"Okay, that's enough!" he stated no longer willing to listen to her tirade. "I'm leaving and you need to pull yourself together. You're a wonderful person Robin. I know the man of your dreams is out there. Just give it time."

As Robin watched AJ walk out of the restaurant, "Jason is the man of my dreams, but I'll have to make sure Ms. Keesha Ward gets the message loud and clear."