Undeniable Part 13

The burgundy Lexis finally appeared from the side road and sped off down the two-lane highway, heading back to Port Charles. The man had been waiting since yesterday for someone to appear from the cabin.

Keesha was unaware, that for the past week, her movements were being monitored and that the watch she wore, was a duplicate, installed with a small camera.

"Ain't modern technology grand," he said.


The detective had been discreet, when he entered her apartment a week ago and made the switch, while she showered.

He was tempted to end this assignment after the first few days. At the time it seemed that Ms. Ward led a busy, though boring life in his opinion. But his client had paid a large sum of money to find any dirt on Ms. Keesha Ward.

Things started looking up, when she made arrangements to meet the mystery man at the remote location.

After parking his SUV behind the tall trees adjacent to the side road, where he saw Keesha turn, he set up his equipment.

Once he settled in, it didn't take long before things heated up between her and the mystery man.

At first the man was not clearly visible. But after a few minutes, a chill ran down the detective's spine, when he realized the identity of the mystery man wearing the pajama bottoms.

"Oh shit, that's Jason Morgan. Right arm man to Sonny Corinthos, he said. "What have I gotten myself into?"

Common sense tells me to pack my shit, give the money back to the client and leave town ASAP, he thought.

"But I really need the money. Besides, I can't pay off the gambling debts based on my good looks and I never had much common sense," he laughed.

"Hell, I'm sure there's plenty more cash due my way, once the client sees this video," he said scratching his chin. "I think I'll make a copy. It never hurts to have some extra insurance."

Pulling the SUV onto the highway the detective hummed to Johnny Kemp's song Just Got Paid playing on the radio.

"Oh yeah, papa's gonna get paid big time."