Undeniable Part 10

"Let go of me," Keesha yelled pulling from Jason's grip. "You really are an arrogant son of a bitch. I'm sure you think it's okay to manhandle a woman. Do you think it's some kind of turn on? Well, it's not. But I'm not surprised, after all that's how you handle people who don't do what you want, isn't it Jason Morgan?"

Flashes of anger shown in his crystal blue eyes as he listened to the condescending way she said his name. Part of him wanted to throw her out, but that would only justify her calling it quits and there was no way Jason was going to make things easy for Ms. Ward.

"I wasn't trying to manhandle you," Jason calmly stated taking a seat in the recliner. "But, it's so obvious that you're in denial about us, that I just couldn't help myself. I apologize if I hurt you."

"Denial!" I'm not in denial about us Jason. This was nothing more than a fling. It was great while it lasted, but now it's time to live in the real world and go back to our significant others."

Still remaining composed, Jason stared at Keesha long and hard before replying.

"Well, you're right, this started out as a fling, but we both know, that somewhere along the way it turned into something much deeper."

"Now look whose in denial," Keesha said feeling uneasy about the direction of their conversation. Just stay focused on marrying AJ, she thought to herself.

"There are no deep feelings between us Jason, just great sex."

Sensing her uneasiness, Jason had no intentions of dropping the subject. "I can't deny that the sex is amazing. To be honest, it's the best I've ever had. But it does make me wonder. If you have that kind of unbridled passion for me, then there must be something lacking between you and AJ."

Anger over took over as Keesha laid into Jason. "Did it ever occur to you that I was faking it? Women do that, but since you can't see beyond your arrogance how could you tell. As for AJ, he has no problems in the bedroom."

"So let me make sure I understand. You were faking it last night and tonight, AJ is all that and a bag of chips and I mean absolutely nothing to you."

"That's right."

"Then why are you here with me," Jason asked. "You could've told me over the phone or sent a Dear John letter."

"Because, I wanted to tell you face to face that it was over," Keesha said.

"Oh, I see. So you've made wild and passionate love, all night long, to all the men you've been with before breaking up with them?"

Fed up with this cat and mouse game, Keesha put on her coat and headed for the door. But not before turning to face him one last time. "You've got a lot of nerve questioning my love for AJ, when you're betraying your love for Saint Robin. I'm sure she would be devastated if she ever found out about us."

Feeling satisfied that she had put him in his place, Keesha turned to leave.

"You're right, that's why I told her it's over."