Part 8

It had been three weeks before Keesha was able to meet with Jason. Unfortunately, he had been in Los Angeles visiting Robin at a medical conference, when she first tried to contact him. By the time he returned to Port Charles, Keesha had flown out to San Francisco to spend a week with AJ, before he and Dara left for London, to oversee some final details of the takeover at Van Der Laan's London headquarters.

After her return from San Francisco, Keesha had to attend various board meetings regarding Ward House, yet she made another attempt to contact Jason. She knew the more time that passed, the harder it would be to end their affair. She was successful on her third try. Wanting to remain discreet, Keesha suggested they meet at an out-of-the way restaurant called Ella's for breakfast.

Unfortunately, Jason was attending to a few business matters that required his immediate attention. Instead, he provided Keesha with directions to a cabin located near the Lake Charles Woods.

Jason had purchased the property months ago under a different name. This place had become his private haven. Whenever, he needed to get away, he would come and work on the cabin.

It was ironic that Jason had never told Robin or Sonny, the two people closes to him about this place. Yet, the first person he was allowing to invade his private space, was Keesha the main person he'd pushed away.

The cabin was not visible from the main road; but Keesha followed Jason's directions and took a side road that led straight to the cabin.

Beautiful, was the only word to describe the scenery. The one story cabin was located on three acres of land, overlooking Lake Charles, surrounded by tall trees that went on for miles. Although, there were other people who lived in the area, everyone had their own privacy. Keesha understood, why Jason Morgan would buy this place. She parked her car in the garage and used the key that he left for her at Ward House.

Expecting the place to be practically bare, Keesha was pleasantly surprised to find the cabin tastefully decorated. Obviously, Jason had taken his time to make this a private getaway. As jazz music played in the background, Keesha observed the breathtaking view of the lake from the huge bay window.

"I see you made it." Keesha turned around to see Jason standing in the doorway of the bedroom. "I was starting to think you weren't coming," as he closed the gap between them.

Damn! Why does he have to look so good, Keesha thought as Jason stood before her in nothing but a pair of white cotton pajama bottoms? During his time in Los Angeles, he had taken the time to get a suntan. The light bronze tone of his skin managed to set off the crystal blue in his eyes. The scent of the musk oil glistening on his rippled muscles was arousing more than Keesha's senses.

"I..I um need to talk to you," Keesha said trying to remain focused as she put distance between their bodies. "It's important."

"I assumed it was," he said as he pinned her against the wall. "But, we have plenty of time to talk," pulling her into a deep and probing kiss.

The sweet taste of wine on his tongue, the feel of his strong hands and hard body against hers was intoxicating. Keesha could feel the heat rising in her loins.

Finally managing to break away from his embrace. "Jason, please let me say what I came here to say," as she finally caught her breath.

"I'll tell you what," he said pulling her into his arms again caressing her supple ass. "I will quietly listen to everything you have to say, if you let me keep my promise," as he traced the curve of her neck with his mouth while unbuttoning her blouse.

"And what promise would that be, " Keesha said weakening from his kisses.

"You remember what I told you at the library after you tamed the stallion," he said with the lust in his eyes.

"I'm sorry, " she said coyly. "You'll have to refresh my memory," as she felt the stallion rise to attention.

"Do the words, you'll be lucky if you can walk sound familiar," he whispered slowly unfastening her bra as he took on nipple into his mouth.

"Mmmm..oh yeah..I..I remember something to that affect. But I wasn't sure you were up to the challenge," she moaned reaching down to give the stallion some hands on attention. "Besides, how do you know, I don't have to get back to town?" She whispered.

"Umm..because AJ's in London and won't be back for at least a week," he moaned removing her bra.

"How did you know that?" Teasing him by withholding the hands on attention to the stallion.

", I make it my business to know. As for being up to the challenge, actions speak louder than words," pulling her into another long and passionate kiss.

No longer in control of her senses, Keesha gave in to the erotic sensation and the thrill of the pleasure yet to come.