The following chapter is rated NC-17 for strong sexual content.

Part 6

Keesha turned around and looked into the blue crystal eyes of Jason Morgan. Dressed in his standard black leather jacket, with black jeans and T-shirt underneath, Jason took a step closer.

Damn, what do I do now, Keesha thought as Jason continued to move closer, finally backing her against the bookshelf.

Well, if this is going to be the last time, you'd better make it memorable she thought.

Without missing a beat, Keesha grabbed Jason by the lapels of his jacket and pulled him into a long, deep and passionate kiss.

Finally releasing him from the taste of her hypnotic lip-lock, Keesha took a step back and asked, "What took you so long?"

For the second time, Jason Morgan was rendered speechless by Keesha Ward's actions. Taking a minute to regain his composure, the only words he could muster was "sorry, traffic."

A slight grin crossed Keesha's lips. Standing before her was Jason Morgan, the always cool under pressure mobster, losing his composure. "Damn, I'm good she thought."

"I thought you weren't coming," Keesha said starting to unbutton her blouse.

"Oh, I intend on coming" Jason said as he his hands covered hers to finish unbuttoning her blouse.

Catching the double meaning of his words, "I meant coming to the library," Keesha continued, while unbuckling his belt.

"I meant what I said, anytime, anywhere," as he began tracing her jaw line with soft kisses.

She started to unzip his pants, when suddenly he stopped her. "I know a better spot," he said pulling her toward the Northeast corner of the bookcases.

"Sometimes I like to come up here to be alone," he said. "There's a little cubicle over in the corner, right next to the bookcase. No one will be able to see us, unless you want them to," he said turning back to look at her with a sense of dare in his eyes.

Keesha could imagine him sitting here alone and lost in his own thoughts. Away from the pressures and judgmental stares of the people who once knew him as Jason Quartermaine.

They finally reached the cubicle. Jason was right, from afar no one would notice them here in this tight corner. With the poor lighting, someone would have to practically walk up on them.

"You sit in the chair," Keesha told Jason, pulling him into another long probing kiss.

Once seated, Jason hung his jacket on the back of the chair, but not before pulling a packet of condoms from his inside pocket.

Letting his pants fall to the floor, revealing no underwear, Jason adjusted the condom on the stallion. He couldn't help but grin, remembering her giving his manhood that nickname.

"It rides hard and long," she told him after that first night.

"Are you ready to ride the stallion?" his voice full of lust and desire.

"Oh, I'm more than ready," Keesha said as she slowly straddled Jason's lap. "Is the stallion ready to be tamed," she purred in his ear?

"That depends on how good you can ride," Jason said slowly tracing the curve of her neck with his lips, continuing along her shoulder blades to the center of her most bosom.

"Well, I like to ride hard and fast, until I'm satisfied," she said nibbling on his earlobe. "Can the stallion handle that?" she said removing his T-shirt and lightly biting his shoulder.

"Oh, I'm sure he's more than up for the challenge."

Unsnapping her bra, Jason began the slow and tantalizing suckling of her hard nipples. The expertise of his tongue, sent shivers through Keesha's body.

"First, I think I'll give the stallion a little hands on attention," Keesha whispered as she began gentle strokes. First with one hand, then with two, increasing the pace.

"Yeah, that's it baby," Jason groaned, leaning back in the chair enjoying the exquisite pleasure of her stroking.

Reaching his hand underneath her skirt, he found her round supple buttocks. With a firm hold, he whispered in Keesha's ear, "Are you ready to ride?"

"Ready," Keesha said as he lifted her up entering her moist valley. "Ooooh yesss...gitty-upp", she cried underneath her breath.

Their sweat-soaked bodies were rocking to a sensuous rhythm. Arching her body backwards against the desk, Keesha used one hand to hold on to Jason's neck and braced herself with the other, beginning an all out gallop.

Following her lead, Jason held firm to her buttocks, matching her every thrust. Burying his head into perfumed bosom, "Yeahhh, damn you're riding me so goood," he groaned.

Lost in their world of intense pleasure, the sides of the cubicle began to shake as the motion of their bodies increased.

Their bodies began to tremble as they both felt the wave of pleasure hit at the same time. "Yessss," they both cried out, as the waves of pleasure continued until they were both exhausted.

"Well, Ms. Ward, I think you've managed to tame the stallion," Jason said with a sly grin as his breathing returned to normal.

"But the next time, I intend on making several trips down south," he said as he finished dressing.

"What makes you so sure there'll be a next time," Keesha said coyly.

"Because you've got me addicted," he said with a sense of lust in his voice that made Keesha want to go another round. "And I'll need my fix."

"Well, we certainly can't do this again," she said rubbing her lower back. "My back's a little sore."

Pulling her into his arms, he whispered, "I suggest you get plenty of rest and take plenty of vitamins, cause the next time you'll be lucky if you can walk."

"Is that a threat?" Keesha smiled slowly pulling away from his embrace.

"Oh it's a promise," Jason said starting to walk towards the other end of the bookcase. Turning around one last time, " And I always keep my promises," giving her a wink as he disappeared.

"I can't wait," Keesha whispered.