Part 5

Three months had passed and their affair was still going strong. During that time, their passionate encounters took place in around Port Charles.

Their first time together after that eventful night was really more of a dare.

As Keesha sat at her vanity mirror, preparing for another business dinner with AJ and the Quartermaines, she thought about her second encounter with Jason Morgan.

********************************************************************************* FLASHBACK

Keesha was at the Port Charles library, doing research for her thesis in World Studies. Sitting in the cubicle on the main floor, she kept staring at the number on the card Jason had given her before leaving his apartment.

"Sure he'll come if I call," she said sarcastically. "He was just humoring me. He probably thinks I don't have the guts to call, the arrogant bastard."

Taking the cell phone out of her purse, she began to dial his private number, but pushed end before completing the call.

"No, you can't see him again," mumbling under her breath. "Remember AJ, your boyfriend? He's your future and Jason is your past. Just let him go."

That's right, AJ is my future. Being sober and working at ELQ has done wonders for his self-confidence. He's definitely found his rightful place within the family and company. Not that I'm not happy about it. It's just that lately we seem to be heading in separate directions. But I'm sure that's just a temporary thing, sounding self-assured.

Right now we're both on our career path, so it's only natural that we'd spend more time apart than together. Once we're married, which I'm sure will happen, things will settle down, she thought.

In the meantime, as she opened her notebook, I'm just going to focus on my work and studies.

Of course, one last fling for old times sake couldn't hurt she thought to herself.

Taking the cell phone out of her purse, Keesha dialed Jason's number. "If he doesn't come, then I'll tear up his number and be done with him."

"But what if he shows up...he won't, so everything will be okay," with a sense of certainty.

She left a message for him to meet her at the fourth floor stalls labeled Foreign countries in twenty minutes.

Girl you really are tripping, she thought to herself. This man is probably laughing his ass off at what a fool you are.

Keesha glanced at the clock above the doors at the entrance to the library. Thirty minutes has passed and Jason was still a no show.

On the surface Keesha breathed a sigh of relief, but deep down, she was disappointed. "Can you spell FOOLISH," she said.

Instead of sitting and brooding, Keesha reluctantly headed to the fourth floor.

Since it was a Friday night, she would have some much needed privacy. Afterall, who wanted to be bothered with the endless chatter of young high school kids talking about their love lives.

The book she was looking for was in the last stall. "There it is," she said reaching for the top shelf. Suddenly, Keesha felt a strong hand around her waist. Just as she was about to scream, the seductive voice whispered in her ear, "you rang."