As Keesha turned to face him, Jason had already begun to undress. By the time he reached the bed across the room, he was bare naked, his erection in full view.

An erection was a normal male reaction, she thought. But the lust in his eyes as he looked her up and down was all the encouragement she needed.

"Lock the door" he said through gritted teeth as he ripped open the packet of condoms.

Keesha locked the door and let her coat drop to the floor. Taking her time she seductively walked across the room to the bed, enjoying the affect she was having on him, as he watched her every move. The thought of him inside her again caused chills over her body.

"Take everything off accept the shoes" Jason stated in a lustful tone.

As Keesha reached the bed, she slowly slipped out of her lace underwear. Jason moved behind her, his erection brushing against her buttocks.

The light scent of Musk soap filled her nostrils as his strong hands cupped her breast, caressing and kneading them with the expertise of a baker kneading dough.

Sticking to the agreement of no kissing on the lips, Jason had no problem finding other places on her exquisite body to plant kisses. Starting with the nape of her neck and working his way down her back to the curve of her ass.

Using his tongue, fingers and mouth, he began to explore her body from behind, igniting the flames of passion that she had been holding in for so long.

"Ooooooooh" she moaned arching her body to the expertise of his touch.

As Jason used his right had to massage her moistened valley, Keesha body began moving to the rhythm of his fingers that were creating the sensual sensation throughout her body.

"Ooooo God" Keesha exclaimed as Jason thrust into her from behind. "Deeper Jason, deeper" she moaned with each thrust as he took her to the next level of ecstasy.

Gripping her hips, his body lost in the intense pleasure she was giving him, their sweat soaked bodies begin to form an exquisite rhythm he had never experienced before. "Damn you feel good," Jason said between breathless moans, as each thrust became deeper and faster.

"Yessss" he growled in her ear as he exploded his seed into her valley. Keesha's climax soon followed. There bodies collapsed on the bed exhausted and satisfied.

Being with Jason Q. was never like this she thought, as they lay in their sexual slumber. Although she always enjoyed making love to Jason Q, she had to admit there were times she wished he had been a little more adventurous, even aggressive. "Oh my God like Jason Morgan!"

There was something else she had to admit. Being with Jason M. was not only liberating, but empowering. Keesha blushed at some of the things she yelled in the throws of passion tonight. Things even demands she wouldn't dare have said to Jason Q. or even AJ for that matter.

Now that she thought about it, she always felt that Jason Q and AJ placed her on a pedestal. Of course being the good girl willing to please, she played the part willingly.

But tonight, she was able to be free an uninhibited.

The thought of AJ brought Keesha back to reality. She realized tonight was a one-time thing. This would be their little secret. She would commit herself to AJ and Jason would go on with Robin.

Thinking at any minute Jason would wake up and throw her out, Keesha decided to beat him to the punch. Quietly sliding out of bed, Keesha headed to the bathroom, unaware that Jason was watching her every move.

"Damn" Jason said, I can't believer how good that was. He had to admit she took him completely by surprise. Not in his wildest dreams did he think Keesha Ward could be this hot.

Not that he didn't enjoy sex with Robin, but at times he felt something was lacking. He knew deep down that he shouldn't have let it happen, but for some reason he just couldn't resist Keehsa tonight. For the first time in a long while, Jason was unsure what to do until he saw Keesha heading for the door.

"Why don't we try it face to face this time," Jason said.