An Unconventional Kind of Love by Nene

Chapter 24




The clock on the wall flashed 10:00 PM as Bo signed off on the last police report that came across his desk.  It had been a long week and the pleasant thought of a hot shower and cold beer, helped ease the tension in his body, when the sudden eruption of loud voices snapped him back to reality.


"Get your hands off me!"


"I'm entitled to one phone call!"


"It's obvious you don't know who I am!" 


"I demand to speak to the Commissioner, right now!"


In a sense of panic, Detective Tony Blackman came bursting into Bo's office leaning his body against the closed door.  "Sir, I think you might want to get out there, " he nervously replied pointing to the squad room.


"What the hell is going on Blackman?"  Bo demanded, as images of his relaxing evening faded away.


"We received a call around 9:00 PM about a disturbance at Visions Restaurant and ... well...we ended up arresting several members of the party."


"What kind of disturbance?  Who did you arrest?"


"There was a private party on the second floor for the Williamson and McBain family." 


"Would that be Evangeline Williamson and John McBain?" Bo interrupted, rubbing his temples from the headache that was forming. 


"That's correct sir. I was saying, the Williamson and McBain family were having a private party, when it was disrupted by some uninvited guests," he replied recalling the details as he flipped through his notebook.




Magical was the best way to describe the atmosphere in the air.  As everyone laughed, danced and celebrated the union of the McBain and Williamson families.


"Mom, this has truly been one of the most amazing nights of my life," John smiled giving her an affectionate kiss on the cheek.  "I've been resistant to this whole ritual, but I have to admit, I'm really excited about the wedding."


"I knew you'd come around," she smirked.  "Don't ever doubt that mother knows best."


"Yes, mame."


"Can I steal my husband away from for a dance?" Evangeline smiled snuggling close to Eve.


"Of course," Eve replied.  "Go enjoy yourselves."


 John twirled Evangeline around on the dance floor as R. Kelly's Step In The Name of Love
 came over the speakers.


"I'm having so much fun," Evangeline smiled wrapping her arms around John's neck.  "Mom and Eve have really out done themselves."


"I agree," he replied trying to hold back the tears. 


"Baby, what's wrong" she asked cupping his cheek.


"Everything is perfect," he smiled kissing the inside of her hand.  "I can't wait to pledge our undying love before God and all of our family and friends.  I also have no doubt that when you come walking down that isle, you'll take my breath away."


"How can you be so sure?" she smiled wiping a tear from his eyes.


"Because, that's what happens every time I see you."


"Okay, now you're going to make me cry," she replied slowly pulling free from his embrace.  "Excuse me while I go freshen up my make up."


"Don't be long," he winked as Evangeline turned away and came face to face with Helena.


"Hello dear, my name is Helena Cassidine and I believe you're the young lady that's stolen by grandson's heart?"


"It's nice to meet you Mrs. Cassidine," Evangeline replied extending her hand and refusing to be intimidated by Helena's piercing stare.  "John has told be a great deal about you.  I must say you've led quite an exciting life."


"Unfortunately, my grandson has told me nothing about you," Helena shot back sizing Evangeline up.  "Why is that?"


"Nana, that's enough!" John exclaimed putting protective arm around Evangeline.


"It's all right John," Evangeline replied with reassurance, gently rubbing his arm.  "I certainly understand your Grandmother's concern.  After all everything between us happened so suddenly."


"I'd say that's putting it mildly," Helena replied.


"Why don't you go get us some champagne," Evangeline smiled giving John a slight nudge toward the bar.


"I..don't want to leave you alone.  You don't know Nana, she's likely to try something sneaky," he said cautiously watching the stand off between the two women.


"I'm not afraid of your grandmother.  Trust me, we'll be fine.  Won't we Mrs. Cassidine?"


"I know I will," Helena nodded confidently.


John headed towards the bar, keeping a sharp eye on the verbal exchange across the room.


"So, Mrs. Cassidine why don't we cut to the chase," Evangeline insisted going into lawyer mode.  "I'm sure you've done a complete background check on me, tracing my steps from the time I was born up to the present.  Therefore, you're real concern is why I married John so suddenly.  Since I'm a lawyer and with his wealth, you're wondering if I'm some gold digger out to bump him off and take all his money.  Or maybe I'm some social climbing barracuda out to use him for my own selfish gain.  Am I right?"


"In a word, yes!"


"First and foremost, I love John with all my heart."


"How sweet," Helena replied with an air of sarcasm.


 Second, I signed a prenuptial agreement, but John tore it up," Evangeline continued.  " I don't need his money.  While I certainly don't have his wealth.  I'm more than capable of attaining my own without riding on my husband's coattail.  Third and most important.  I hope we can become close not just for John's sake, but because we're now family.  However, I won't shed one tear, if you don't like me.  Just understand, that I have no intentions of going anywhere.  So, if it's a fight you want, bring it on!"


The silence was deafening until Helena broke out into a robust laughter.  "Bravo, my dear," Helena laughed hugging Evangeline tightly.  "I detest passive and weak women.  You've got spunk, intelligence and beauty.  I think we're going to be good friends, as long as you remember I'm still the matriarch of this family."


"I can respect that, Mrs. Cassidine" Evangeline smiled.


"My dear, you can call me Nana!"


"Is everything okay?" John asked with a look of confusion.


"Just peachy," Helena smiled pinching John's cheek.  "Evangeline's quite a gem.  If you screw things up with her, I'll personally kick your ass!"


"Trust me, I won't."


"Good, now I must go find that lovely hunk, RJ and give my heartfelt congratulations.  Evangeline, we'll do lunch soon," she winked and walked away.


"I must bow to you my lady," John smiled bowing before Evangeline. 




"After one encounter, you've gotten my grandmother's seal of approval.  There's no doubt now, that I've absolutely positively made the right decision," he laughed handing her the glass of champagne.


"Hold on to this champagne, while I go to the ladies room," she laughed.




Evangeline headed back to the dining room, when she suddenly heard a familiar voice.


"You sure are one fine looking woman," Antonio grinned with a lascivious look, closing the distance between them.  "It's a pity you're wasting that luscious body on McBoring.  Why don't you let a real man show you how it's done?  All of his women eventually end up in my bed."


"Antonio, I can't speak for the poor decision, John's other women have made by sleeping with you.  But, there will never come a time in this life or the next, that I will ever be that desperate," Evangeline laughed turning to walk away. 


"I'll change your mind," he stated confidently.  In on swift move, he grabbed Evangeline by the waist and smothered her protest with his lips.  Stars flashed before his eyes, from the sweet taste of her lips.  He was floating on air, before he realized he was flying through the air from the impact of John's fist.


"John!" Evangeline cried seeing the rage on his face, as Antonio crashed into the wall.  "Baby, I'm okay!"  Unfortunately, her pleas fell on deaf ears as John and Antonio continued to exchange blows.  Evangeline headed toward the dining room for help, when she was suddenly surrounded by Natalie and her friends.


"Where the hell do you think your going?" she slurred poking Evangeline in the shoulder.


"Get the hell out of my way, Natalie!" Evangeline demanded pushing past her.  "I don't have time for you childish pranks!"


"I've never liked you!" Natalie shouted roughly grabbing Evangeline's arm.  "You've always been an arrogant c...."


The sound of broken bone resonated through the hall, as Evangeline's fist connected with Natalie's nose.  "I'm fed up with your bullshit, Natalie!" Evangeline shouted throwing an upper cut to her chin.


"Hey, everybody down here!" Davis shouted calling in reinforcements, as the rest of the bridal party came to John and Evangeline's assistance.




"By the time we got there, all hell had broken loose," Blackman replied.  "Antonio was knocked out, Natalie looked like her face had been used as a punching bag and the rest of their friends were battered and bruised.  John, Evangeline and the rest of the bridal party barely had a scratch on them.  We had no choice but to arrest them."


"Where are the party crashers?" Bo asked peeking though the closed blinds, dreading the thought of facing the Williamson/McBain family.


"They all had to be admitted to the hospital," Blackman said trying to muffle a laugh.  "Accept for Antonio and Natalie, everyone else was released. 


"Serves them right," Bo grumbled.  "Okay, let's go face the music."


"Commissioner Buchanan, I presume?" Helena asked. 


"Yes, mame."


"My name is Helena Cassidine," she stated with complete authority.  "I've spoken to my lawyer, who has since spoken to the lawyer for the owner of Visions Restaurant.  We've agreed that I will pay for all the damages to his establishment, in exchange for him dropping any and all charges.  I'm sure you'll agree that it would serve no purpose for this matter to go to court, considering your vile little niece would be placed in a very bad light!"


"Mrs. Cassidine, I don't take kindly to threats," Bo replied, with a sense of annoyance.  "However, I agree that it would be in the best interest for everyone involved, if all charges were dropped.  So, I'll have my officers draw up the appropriate paperwork for you and everyone else to sign, then you're all free to go."


"But, sir what about Natalie and Antonio?"


"I'll take care of them," Bo whispered.  "You just get all of these nice people out of my squad room, now!"






"I like to make a toast," Davis said raising his glass.  "To Evangeline and John, one kick ass couple!"


"Here, here!" they all cheered raising their glass. 


"Hey, what about the bridal party," Todd added.  "We kicked some serious booty tonight!  I've said it once and I'll say it again.  I love being a part of this family!"


"I still can't believe the nerve of that little wench disrupting our party," Lisa fumed.


"Don't worry about that vile little creature," Helen said with a wicked smile.  "I'm going to enjoy making her life a living hell."


"Here, here," everyone cheered.


"Okay, we've all had our fun," Eve replied.  "In less than seventy-two hours there's going to be the most spectacular wedding this town has ever seen.  So, John and Evangeline say your good-byes, because Evangeline will be marching down the isle the next time you see her again."


"See ya, Mrs. McBain," he whispered with a twinkle in his eyes, as he watched Evangeline being ushered out the door.


"See ya, Mr. McBain and don't be late," she playfully warned waving good-bye.