An Unconventional Kind of Love by Nene

Chapter 23




It was four days before John and Evangeline's wedding and tonight Evangeline would be meeting his grandmother, Helena McBain, Ewing, Lewis, DiMera, Cassidine for the first time.  Unfortunately, finding out about their elopement through the family grapevine did not go over well, therefore he thought it was best to face her alone.


John nervously paced the floor of the penthouse suite, as Helena made her grand entrance.  Dressed in a red Donna Karen pants suit and draped in a black red lined cape, she was escorted by her latest boy toy, Fox Crane. He stood six-feet tall, blond, muscular and not a day over twenty-five.  Helena was five-nine, blond, model thin and ageless, despite being seventy.  In a strange way, they actually made a handsome couple.


Helena was the true matriarch and the most colorful member of the McBain family.  Everyone knew that Nana Helena had no time to suffer fools.  Her brutal honesty was known to bring even the strongest person to tears and the cold stare from her ice blue eyes could burn a hole through your soul.


She was also known for seducing, marrying and outliving all of her husbands, which left her a very wealthy widow four times over.  Thus earning her the nickname Black Widow among family members.  


John found out through the family rumor mill that Helena was eying Palmer Courtlandt of Courtlandt Electronics, as husband number five.  However, since Fox was doing a very good job at keeping her satisfied, Palmer would have to wait.  


"Hello, Nana," John smiled, kissing her on the cheek.  "I'm so happy you were able to make it.  I can't wait for you to meet Evangeline."


Helena smiled and gently caressed John's face, with her diamond covered hand.  "My little Johnny," she cooed sweetly, before roughly pinching his cheek.  "You selfish little bastard!"


"Ouch!" John yelled, pulling his face away.  "Nana!"


"How dare you get married without telling me!" she shouted, pulling a hickory switch from underneath her cape. 


John quickly ran around the couch trying to escape Helena's wrath.  "I'll leave the two of you alone," Fox said, making a quick exist out of harms way.


"Nana, let me explain!" John yelped, as he felt the sting of the switch on his arms and memories of her whippings from his childhood flashed before his eyes.  "You were traveling through South America at the time.  I knew how much you'd hate being interrupted on your excursion, so I decided to wait and tell the family all together."


"You tell the family about the opening of your art gallery.  But, I'm not just any family member!" she yelled taking another swing.  "I'm your damn grandmother!  I'm the one who kept all your secrets, bought you extra toys for Christmas, helped put your sorry ass through college and you have the audacity to get married without so much as a phone call!


"I...I," he stuttered


"Don't you think I would have dropped everything to see my ex-favorite grandchild married?"


"I'm sorry, Nana!"  John said, locking himself in the bathroom.  "I know it was selfish.  But Evangeline captured my heart and making her my wife was the most natural thing to do.  I know you'll never forgive me.  Maybe you'll disown me. However, I don't regret my decision or one minute of our time together.


"Come out and face me!" she demanded, tapping the switch in her hand.


"Only if you promise not to hit me again," he pleaded. 


"I don't make promises I refuse to keep," she replied, admiring her diamond rings.


"Fair enough," John said, slowly opening the door and sitting beside her on the sofa.  "Nana, you know I would never do anything to deliberately hurt you.  Evangeline and I are deeply in love and having you here to share in our happiness means the world to me.


"Please spare me the sappy apologies," she replied dryly.  "I'll be the judge of this so called love between you and Ms. Evangeline.  If I find out that she's some worthless bimbo, I promise to make your marriage a living nightmare until you come to your senses and divorce her."


"Are you serious?" he asked in disbelief.  "Nana, I have no doubt you'll love Evangeline.  But, even if you don't like her, I will never leave her!"


"We shall see," she retorted.  "Now leave me, so I can get ready."


"Alright," he sighed, heading towards the door.


"Oh there's one more thing I need to know," she paused.


"What's that?" he asked.


"Is your friend RJ Gannon going to be at the dinner?"


"Yes...along with his fiance," he replied with hesitation.  "Why?"


"RJ's engaged?" she asked with a wicked smile.  "Well, that does make things interesting."


"Nana, promise me you won't do anything to spoil things for me and Evangeline," he pleaded.


"Why don't you go see to your fiance," she laughed, pushing him out the door.  "I'll see you later."

"But...," John stuttered, as the door closed in his face.  "Something tells me all hell is going to break loose tonight."