An Unconventional Kind of Love by Nene

Chapter 21




"Mmm, good morning Mrs. McBain," John whispered, snuggling up behind Evangeline.


"Good morning, Mr. McBain," she mumbled, pulling the covers over her face.  "What time is it?"


"It's six o'clock," he said, nibbling on her ear.  "Since it's the weekend, I thought we'd turn on the answering machine, turn off our cell phones and spend the day in bed."


"What would we possibly do all day," she teased, turning to face him, while seductively rubbing his inner thigh. 


"Oh, I was thinking we would make slow passionate love, eat junk food, make love some more until we're satiated," he smiled, lightly stroking her breast."


"That sounds like a wonderful idea," she whispered, licking his nipples.  "Oooo...and it feels like Big John is ready for mamma to ride."  Evangeline slowly straddled John and began her ride of passion.  


" feel so good," he moaned in a breathless whisper.  John squeezed her firm buttocks and lost himself in the sensual rhythm only their bodies could create.  ", I'm almost there!"


 "I'm right there with you," she panted, about to reach the point of ecstasy.


"Evangeline, John are you two up there?"


"What the hell!" John jumped up in shock, sending Evangeline hurling to the floor with a loud thud.  "Baby, are you okay?"


"I'm fine," Evangeline grunted, rubbing her backside frantically searching for a robe.


Eve and Lisa pounded on the bedroom door.  "Evangeline, John! We know you're both in there.  Open this door!"


"What the hell are they doing here?" John asked trying to maintain his balance, while pulling on his sweat suit.  


"The real question is, how did they get in?" Evangeline wondered, wrapping herself in John's black robe.


"I gave my mom a key," he said shyly, regretting his decision.


"Will you please open the door?" Eva demanded.  "We don't have all day!"


John swung open the door, with every intention of telling both women off.  "What the hell are you two doing here?" he fumed, furious by their utter gall.


"Yeah, why are you here?" Evangeline added, trying to adjust John's robe on her small frame.


"Don't you take that tone with us," Eve shot back, pushing her way past him, with Lisa close behind.


"Maybe the two of you should try answering the phone, then we wouldn't have this problem," Lisa snapped.  "And why aren't you dressed, Cookie?"


"Dressed for what?" Evangeline demanded.


"I specifically told you last week, we were going to be busy with the wedding arrangements," Lisa replied, annoyed by Evangeline absentmindedness.


"I thought you meant you and Eve. As I recall, I don't have a say in this wedding, so what do you need me for?" Evangeline huffed, rolling her eyes. 


John saw the silent exchange between Lisa and Eve that said Evangeline better watch out.


"Ouch!" Evangeline cried out, rubbing her arm from the sting of her mother's infamous pinch.  "Momma, that hurts!"


"We are on a schedule, Ms. Smartass and you are holding things up!  Everyone else is waiting in the limo downstairs.  Therefore, you have exactly twenty minutes to wash up, get dressed and pack an overnight bag.  Or am I going to have to give you an old school beat down!" Lisa stated folding her arms in a forceful stance. 


John tried to muffle a laugh, when Eve shot him a glaring look.  "I suggest you wipe that smile off your face young man.  You and your groomsmen also have a full schedule today," Eve replied, handing John a piece of paper.  "You all need to be at this address by eight o'clock."


John looked at the address and frowned.  This is a dance studio," he said confused.  "Why would we need to go to a dance studio?"


"John's a very good dancer," Evangeline said with a wicked grin, emerging from the bathroom in a pair of blue jeans and white T-shirt, remembering his private dance.


"Get your mind out of the gutter," Lisa replied catching Evangeline's drift.  "These lessons are for the wedding, not the honeymoon."


"I'm not going to take some dance lessons," John stubbornly replied.  "I think the two of you are going overboard with this wedding."


"Do you want to tell them Lisa?"  Eve asked.  "Or shall I?"


"I'd be happy to," Lisa smiled.  "Let me break it down to you.  For the next three-months your lives belong to us.  Remember, this our dream wedding and your goal is to make us happy or suffer the consequences.  Now the two of you can grumble and moan, but when we say jump we mean jump!  Are we clear?"


"Yes," they both reluctantly replied.


"Good, now kiss your husband good-bye. You'll see him tomorrow night.  And don't worry, you have the rest of your lives for some early morning love," Lisa winked.


Evangeline blushed at her mother's bluntness, as she kissed John good-bye.  "I'll miss you."


"Me too." He sighed.


"Oh good grief, let's go!" Eve and Lisa insisted nudging Evangeline out the door.




Evangeline opened the back door to the stretch limousine and saw her bridesmaids Marita, Layla, Blair, Kerri and Adrianna, half asleep.  "Good morning ladies."  Yeah, yeah," they all grumbled.


"Evangeline, we really like you and all and we're glad you asked us to be a part of your wedding," Blair mumbled.  "But, I speak for me, Kerri and Adrianna, if we'd known about the two Nazi mothers, we would have bowed out.  I thought my Aunt Dorian was bossy and controlling, but she can't hold a candle to Lisa and Eve."


"We'll take that as a compliment," Lisa smiled, climbing into the front seat along with Eve.  "Now why don't you ladies lay back and get some sleep.  Our little trip to New York will be quite eventful."