An Unconventional Kind of Love by Nene

Chapter 20


"Hell no," Marita and Evangeline shouted in unison.  "We demand a family meeting. Until then, the two of you can just forget about getting married!"


Lisa's predicted that her daughters would be opposed to her engagement.  But she didn't know how vehement they would be about it.  Her first reaction was to tell them off, with the harshest of words and elope with RJ out of spite.  But that would only make matters worse.  Besides, it wouldn't be fair to RJ.  No, Lisa decided to use a mother's best weapon, guilt.


"I'm sorry this upsets all you," Lisa slowly replied, as the tears rolled down her face.  "I guess I thought my children would be happy that I finally found someone to love me, after being alone for all these years.  Apparently, I was wrong."


"Baby, everything's going to be okay," RJ said with a reassuring hug.


"No it's not," Lisa cried with a wink, as she pulled from his embrace and ran upstairs back to the bedroom.


"Damn, you made your mom cry!" Michael stated shaking his head.  "That's cold."


"Look what you've done," RJ hissed, no longer willing to hold his tongue.  "Your mother always told me how proud she was of her children.  Well, today you've made her feel ashamed.  Are you that selfish, that you can't allow her a little piece of happiness?  I really feel sorry for all of you." 


"Well...we didn't mean to hurt her feelings, " Layla said, with a twinge of guilt.  "It's just that it happened so suddenly, we were taken by surprise.  We're really sorry, aren't we?"


"I think you need to go upstairs and apologize to your mother," RJ calmly replied, standing a the bottom of the stairs.  "It would really mean a lot to her.


"So what are you, our daddy now?" Marita cracked, trying to mask her guilt.  "We'll go upstairs when we're good and ready, right Cookie?"


"That's right," Evangeline said, refusing to give RJ control. 


"Well, I think the three of you need to get upstairs right now and apologize," Eve fumed.  "What do you expect her to do?  Is she supposed to just sit around and twiddle her thumbs, existing only for you spoiled brats?"


"Well, no...."


"Your damn right she's not!" Eve stated.  "She's in the prime of her life and at her sexual peak, I might add.  Therefore she has every right to live life on her terms, with whomever she pleases.  As long as RJ makes her happy, that's all you should care about."


John stood in the background and watched the display, with a smirk on his face.  If it's one thing he prided himself on, it was the ability to read people.  Lisa, RJ and Eve were giving the performance of their lives, laying on the guilt. 


By first sunlight, everyone was downstairs in a group hug congratulating the happy couple.


"Congratulations," John whispered giving Lisa a hug.  "That was some performance. I must say, the Williamson women are truly something amazing."


"That we are," Lisa smiled.  "Just make sure you never forget it."





Natalie woke up to a throbbing pain on the right side of her face and Todd's annoying voice in her ear.


"Come on, wake up Pumpkin Head!" Todd shouted, poking her in the shoulder. 


"What do you want?" she yelled slapping his hand away, trying to balance herself, as she slowly rose from the bed. 


"We have some unfinished business to discuss, so get dress," Todd demanded. 


"We have nothing to discuss, you traitor!" Natalie spat, as flashes of the prior nights events crossed her mind.  I know we don't like each other, but you should've had my back!"


"You're right, we don't like each other, but I do like John and Evangeline," he said.


"How could you stand there and let that bitch do this to me!" she shouted, pointing to her swollen face.  "If it's the last thing I do, Evangeline is going to pay for humiliating me."


"Oh stop your whining," Todd snapped.  "You more than deserved it.  John and Evangeline have every right to be happy and as their friend, I have no intentions of letting you ruin things for them."


Natalie let out a gut busting laugh at Todd's comment.  "Vicki and your dysfunctional family are the only people that like you Todd!" she scoffed.  "You're the scum of the earth and everyone knows it.  As for Ms. Williamson, I intend on teaching her a lesson and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!"


"Better the scum of the earth than the town slut," he smiled, dodging her right hook.  "I suggest you forget about this outrageous plan of revenge."


"Or what?" Natalie smirked unintimidated.  "Admit it Todd, you're all bluff.  Besides, there's nothing you can do or say that will change my mind."


"I'd think again," Todd smiled, tossing her a small envelope. 


"What's this?" Natalie asked.


"Open it and see," he smiled.  "I hate to admit it, but you're right.  Except for a few family members, there aren't too many people that like me.  But, the same can be said for you.  Aside, from Vicki, Clint and of course Jessica, no really likes you either.  I think it'd be safe to say, that Jessica is your best friend."


"That she is!  So whatever plan you have twirling around in that twisted mind of yours won't work...
where did you get these?" she said, shocked by the photos in the envelope.


"You've always had an annoying habit of going after things that don't belong to you," he said smugly.  "So it didn't surprise me, when you chose to go after Jessica's boyfriend Nash."


"Nash was mistake!" she snapped, throwing the pictures in his face. "What happened between us was a long time ago."


"Well, I'm sure if you hadn't gotten pregnant, the two of you would still be sneaking around behind Jessica's back.  It's too bad you miscarried."


"Shut up!" she cried, trying to escape his taunts.


"You know what you're problem is, Natty?"


"I'm sure you can't wait to tell me."


"You don't care about anyone but yourself," he hissed.  "You saw how happy Jessica was and decided to dump John and pursue Nash.  Now you see how happy John is with Evangeline and it kills you to know he will never love you."


"Get out!" she yelled.


"I'll leave, but you remember this," he warned.  "If you do anything, to try and hurt John or Evangeline, I'll take great pleasure in destroying your life.  Are we clear?"


"Fine, you win!" Natalie whispered crumbling to the floor in defeat.