Chapter 19





John, Evangeline, Marita, Layla, Michael and Eve returned to the townhouse in the wee hours for a night cap.    


"That was really some opening night," Marita said curling up on the sofa.  "It's too bad the rest of the family couldn't be here.  Speaking of family, does anyone know why mama left so early?  Dare I say... I think she met a man tonight."


"You know, I did see her flirting with Adam Chandler," Evangeline smiled, taking a seat next to Marita.  "I think he's very distinguished looking and kind of sexy with that white hair."


"Let me just say...ewwwwww," Layla said in disgust.  "I can't see mama dating that old guy.  Especially since he was too busy making eyes at Eve."


"Me!" Eve exclaimed with a mischievous grin.  "I'm sure your mistaken."


"That's right," Michael stated, putting a protective arm around Eve's shoulder.  "There's no way mom would fall for someone like old man Chandler.  Besides, she's saving herself for the right guy."


"I beg your pardon," Eve replied slapping his hand away.  "Just because I'm your mother, doesn't mean that men don't find me desirable.  I'll have you know, I've had my share of lovers.


All conversation ceased, at the sound of Eve's juicy admission.


"Excuse me, did you just say...lovers?" John stuttered, barely able to get the words out.  "As in more than one?"


"Do tell Ms. Eve," Layla teased.


Before Eve could respond, a crashing sound from Evangeline's upstairs bedroom startled everyone into silence. 


"Oh my god!  What was that?" Evangeline shrieked, rushing to grab her tennis racquet from the hall closet.  As the other women huddled on the couch.


"You all stay here, while Michael and I check things out," John whispered, going into protective cop mode.  "Come on Mikey."


"Oh no you don't, we're going with you," the women protested, as they huddled behind John and Michael.


John decided not to argue, as they all slowly headed upstairs towards the bedroom.  Evangeline had the racquet raised, ready to give a beat down to the bastard on the other side of the door.  While Michael positioned himself directly to John's right. "Stand back," John whispered, as he kicked in the bedroom door.  "Freeze you sonofabitch....oh shit!"


"Uh oh!" Michael added turning away from the sight.


"What's going.....oh my god!" Evangeline exclaimed, looking over John's shoulder. 


"Oh, my," Eve smiled.


"Let us see!" Marita and Layla shouted, crowding into the doorway, stunned by the sight.  "Mama!"


"I'm blind!" Layla shouted, shielding her eyes at the naked sight of her mother and RJ in the after glow of lovemaking.  "I think I'm going to be sick."  Layla ran out the room unable to handle seeing her mother in a sexual situation.


"What the hell are all of you doing here?" Lisa demanded, immediately covering herself with a blanket. 


"What are we doing here!  What the hell are you doing getting busy with him?" Marita shot back, pointing an accusing finger at RJ.  You don't even know him!"


"I'm a grown woman, who doesn't need anybody's permission to be with the man I love!" Lisa said with a sense of defiance, as she curled next to RJ.


RJ smiled with pride, as his warrior woman defended their love.  "Damn, I love this woman."


"Love! Did she say love?" Evangeline asked, turning to John with a look of suspicion.  "You knew about this, didn't you?"   


"Baby, I swear I just found out tonight," John said, crossing his heart hoping to diffuse the situation.


"Is that what you two were talking about earlier?" Evangeline demanded.


"Excuse me, but do you think we could have some privacy?" RJ asked, trying to remain composed, under the scrutiny of Lisa's daughters. 


"Nobody's talking to you!" Marita shouted, shooting a look of contempt at RJ.


"Mama, what do you have to say for yourself?  Since, when have you started giving up the punanny to this man?" Evangeline asked with a look of disgust.


"Evangeline, I think you need to take it easy on your mom," John smiled, still trying to lighten the mood.


Evangeline shot John a disapproving look. "You and I will talk later," she stated. "Right now, I want mama to answer my question."


"That's it!" Lisa shouted, wrapping a blanket around herself, heading towards the bathroom.  "I'll be damn, if I'm going to stand here and be interrogated by my children.  Evangeline and Marita momentarily speechless, as Lisa slammed the bathroom door in their face.


"No, she didn't just slam that door!" Evangeline stated in disbelief.


"Oh yes she did!" Marita huffed.  "But, she sure as hell isn't getting off that easy."


"Mama, you open this door right now!  No one is getting any sleep tonight until we get this matter solved," they yelled, banging on the door.


"Leave me the hell alone!" Lisa yelled from the other side, turning on the shower to drown out the banging.


"I think you need to get RJ out of here before all hell breaks loose," Michael whispered.  "I'm going downstairs to keep Layla and mom occupied.


John signaled for RJ to make his escape, while Evangeline and Marita were focused on Lisa.  "What the hell were you thinking coming back here?" John whispered, while RJ got dressed.


"It was Lisa's idea," he replied, quickly slipping on his pants.  "I suggested my place, but she said the townhouse was closer. Who was I to argue?"


"Oh, so you had to bring your drama here?" John fumed, as he guided RJ into the hallway.  "Well, right now you need to haul ass, before they notice.
"I'm not leaving!" RJ stated defiantly, buttoning his shirt.  "We're in love and I'm willing to face whatever comes our way.  I have to tell you, I thought our first time was explosive, but tonight, Peaches blew my mind."


"Peaches!" John frowned.  "Okay, see that's just two much information.  Look, I respect your willingness to face the fire.  But, how about having some consideration for me.  I'm never going to hear the end of this."


"Hey man, you've always been there for me.  I've got your back on this," said RJ.


"That's mighty white of you," John said with a smirk.


"Mama, we demand you come out of that bathroom right now!"  Before Evangeline and Marita could say another word, Lisa came out of the bathroom fully dressed and made a beeline downstairs to RJ's side.


"RJ and I met several years ago, when I took that sabbatical in Europe.  That's also where we fell in love and he proposed marriage," she said, squeezing his hand.


"Marriage!" they said stunned.


"Yes, marriage," Lisa smiled.  "But I said no, because the timing wasn't right."


"Thank god!" they replied, with a sigh of relief.


"But tonight, I said yes!" she beamed with pride.


The silence was deafening, as they all stood speechless.


"We're getting married!" Lisa smiled, flashing the two and a half carat pear shaped diamond ring. "Of course we'll wait until next year.  I don't want to upstage your wedding Cookie." 


"So, is someone going to say something?" RJ smiled, hoping the good news would ease the tension.


Although John was happy for RJ and Lisa, he decided now was not the best time to give his best wishes.


"I think that's wonderful," Eve smiled, giving the future couple a hug.  "Isn't that wonderful everyone?"


"Yeah that's great," Michael and Layla mumbled.


"Hell no!" Marita and Evangeline shouted in unison.  "We demand a family meeting. Until then, the two of you can just forget about getting married!"