Chapter 18


"Well, the love of your life is Lisa Williamson, my mother in-law!"


"Your kidding," RJ replied, as he and John suddenly burst out in uncontrollable laughter.  "What are the fucking odds.


"Did I not just say your drama has to do with a woman," John said, regaining his composure.  "I think Ms. Williamson is a beautiful woman.  Now I have an idea what Evangeline will look like in twenty-five years.  But can I just say ewwwwwwwwww!"


"She's an incredible lover," RJ smiled.


"Hey, hey that's too much information," John shuttered.  "The last thing I need is a mental picture.  You know, it doesn't appear she's with a date.  So, are you going to just stand here and make goo goo eyes at me all night.  Or are you going to make your move and go after her?"


"You know she really hurt me, man," RJ said, turning serious.  "I don't know, if I could stand going through that kind of pain again."


"I felt the same way, before Evangeline came into my life and look at me now!" John smiled.  "We can't change the past, we live for the present, because tomorrow isn't promised. You've been given a second chance.  Don't worry about what ifs, just go for it.  Whatever happens, remember I've got your back."


"Thanks," RJ smiled, giving John a slap on the arm, before making a beeline in Lisa's direction.


"Just wait until the Williamson family finds out about mama's young stud," John laughed.


"What's going?" Evangeline asked, catching the tail-end of John's comment.  "What were you and RJ talking about?"


John turned around and pulled Evangeline into a passionate kiss.  "We were just talking about second chances," he smiled, thinking how blessed he was to be given a second chance at love.  "I love you, Mrs. McBain."


"I love you too," she smiled.


"How's your hand?" he asked, examining the slight bruise on her knuckles.


"Michael looked it over and gave me a shot of Cortezone."


"I'm sorry," John said softly. 


"About what?" Evangeline asked confused.


"It was a mistake to invite Natalie to the opening.  I'm sorry you had to stoop to her level," he said.


"Baby, you're not responsible for Natalie's behavior," Evangeline said with reassurance.  "It's obvious, she has a lot of growing up to do.  I'm just sorry this happened on your big night.  But, if she tries something like that again, I will have no problem giving her a beat down."


Marita was doing some serious flirting with Dusty Donovan, a wealthy businessman Oakdale and old running buddy of John's.  "Tell me Mr. Donavan, are you always this charming," she said, flashing her 100 watt smile. 


Of all the Williamson children, Marita was the ultimate player.  She always enjoyed juggling at least two men. Not out of insecurity or need, but because she just had it like that.  Some women wanted a man to take care of them financially.  But, Marita was very shrewd when it came to investing her money.  Although her dream was to become a successful actress, she had no intentions of being a starving artist.  Since the age of thirteen, she'd been investing half her allowance and earnings.  Once she turned eighteen, she expanded to real estate.  Unknownst to anyone outside of her immediate family, she was quite the real estate tycoon.


"That's what the woman tell me," Dusty smiled, with a twinkle in his eye.  "Have you always been so beautiful?"


"Yes, I have," she said, playfully tracing his jaw line, as they both broke out in laughter.  Marita was enjoying the stimulating conversation, when she noticed the smoldering stare of a handsome Latin man heading in her direction.


"Can I get you a drink?" Dusty asked.


"Yes, a martini, three olives please."


"I'll be right back," he said walking toward the bar.




"Hello," Marita smiled.


"My name is Antonio Vega."


"Marita Williamson," she said in a seductive tone.


"I noticed your vision of beauty across the room and I just had to come over and talk to you," he said.  "Was that your man I saw heading towards the bar?"


"No," Marita said. 


"Then I intend to be," Antonio said with confidence.


Marita couldn't help but smile to herself.  "Damn, girl you've got it going on."