An Unconventional Kind of Love by Nene

Chapter 15

"She's my wife!"

Natalie stood dumbfounded as John's words slowly began to register in her brain.

"This is like a soap opera," Todd said, enjoying the emotional fire works, while sipping another glass of champagne.

"Sweetheart, this is better than a soap opera," Blair laughed. "One hundred bucks says Natalie tries to take a swing at Evangeline."

"You're on," Todd whispered.

"One hundred bucks says my sister will kick Natalie's ass," Marita added.

"Evangeline's your sister?" Blair exclaimed, admiring the sharply dressed woman standing next to her.

"We're both her sisters," Marita and Layla replied. "I'm Marita and this is our youngest sister Layla

"It's a pleasure to meet you both. I'm Blair Manning and this is my husband Todd."

"I see you don't like this Natalie bitch either," Marita stated, shaking their hands. "Who is she anyway?"

"Unfortunately, she's my niece," Todd sighed.

"Your niece!" Marita exclaimed. "And you're betting against her. Obviously, there's no love lost."

"None whatsoever," they both replied.

"So, when did this wedding take place?" Natalie demanded, feeling betrayed.

"Why don't we continue this conversation out on the balcony," John suggested, not wanting to disrupt the guests.

Natalie lead the way, as Evangeline and John followed behind. Not wanting to miss any of the sparks, Todd, Blair, Marita and Layla, followed close behind. Along with Michael, who showed up late.

"As I was saying. We got married a little over a month ago," Evangeline smiled lovingly into John's eyes. Evangeline gave Natalie the shortened version of their whirlwind romance and surprise wedding.

"You mean to tell me, all this time you've been married and you never said a word!" Natalie fumed.

"I tried to tell you about John and me, when you returned from Europe," Evangeline replied. "But you didn't want to hear anything about him, remember?"

"I remember we were once friends, but it's obvious you never valued that relationship! Only a skank would steal another woman's boyfriend!" Natalie exploded.

"Wait just one damn minute!" John interrupted. "I've had enough of this nonsense. Our relationship was nothing more than a fling, so stop with all the drama! Evangeline and I are happy together. If you can't accept our marriage, then that's your problem. But, I'll be damned if I'm going to stand here and allow you to disrespect my wife!

"John!" Natalie exclaimed, hurt by his emotional outburst and defense of Evangeline. "I can't believe you're talking to me this way."

"Well, you better believe that I will have you thrown out on your ass, if you continue to make a scene! Is that clear? Now apologize to my wife or leave!" John whispered in a threatening tone.

Tears streamed down Natalie's face, as John and Evangeline waited for her apology. "Fine!" she snapped. But Natalie had no intentions of apologizing, as she took a swing at Evangeline with her right fist.

Anticipating Natalie's move, Evangeline ducked and landed a right hook to Natalie's left eye, knocking her out cold.