Chapter 12

The Palace Restaurant

John was seated at his table sipping a cup of strong black coffee and jotting down notes, as he waited for RJ to arrive for their breakfast meeting. A smile crossed his face, remembering the feel of Evangeline's silky smooth body. As he continued writing, he didn't notice the waiter seating Natalie and Jessica two tables away from him.

"Who is that?" Jessica asked, looking over at John. "I've never seen him around here before, have you?"

"No," Natalie said, admiring the view. "But, since he's sitting alone, I think I'll take this opportunity to introduce myself." Natalie unbuttoned the top three buttons on her blouse, showing just enough cleavage before heading to John's table.

John was lost in thought until he heard the familiar voice from the past.

"Hello," Natalie said in a seductive tone. "My name is Natalie Buchanan. I saw you sitting here alone and wanted to know, if you'd like to join me and my sister for breakfast."

"Actually, I'm expecting someone," John replied, looking up from his notes. "But it was nice of you to ask, Natalie."

"Wait a minute," Natalie said, sensing some familiarity, after hearing John's low raspy voice. "I know you.....oh my god, John!"

"In the flesh," he smiled, standing up to give her a friendly hand shake. "It's nice to see you again."

"It's definitely good to see you," Natalie smiled, giving an extra squeeze. "You look great! Evangeline didn't say anything about your transformation. As a matter of fact, she didn't say anything about you at all."

"Well, I guess she didn't feel it was important, considering you didn't want to meet with me," he grinned.

"Did Evangeline tell you that? She obviously misunderstood what I said," Natalie lied. "Why don't we get together later for a drink, so I can clear things up. It would be nice to catch up on old times."

"Same old Natalie," John thought. "That sounds tempting," John said. "But, I'm involved with someone. Besides, this is a very busy week for me."

"Why don't you bring her along," Natalie said undeterred. "I'd love to meet the new woman in your life. Surely you can make time for a little lunch or dinner." Natalie was pouring the charm on thick, as she batted her blue eyes and smiled coyly.

"I'm sorry," John said, not taking the bait. "However, my business partner and I are having an official opening for our art gallery next week Why don't you come."

"I approved the advertisement for the opening," Natalie lied again. "However, I had no idea it was your gallery. I must say you're just full of surprises, John McBain. I'll definitely look forward to seeing you there." Natalie had a bounce in her step, as she returned to her table, confident they still had a connection.

"So who was that?" Jessica asked with excitement.

"That was John McBain," Natalie stated.

"Are you kidding?" Jessica exclaimed. "That hunk is the same loser you dumped five years ago?"

"Yeah, go figure," Natalie said. "It's obvious Evangeline's been holding out on me. Apparently, he's involved with someone, but it doesn't matter. The sexual vibe is still there between us.

"Are you sure?" Jessica asked, amazed by her sister's confidence.

"Trust me," Natalie replied, smoothing her red locks. " John McBain was mine once and he'll be mine again."