Chapter 11

Evangeline entered the bedroom and saw John in his robe sulking on the loveseat. "Where's the cape and thong," she said curling up next to him.

"Don't touch me!" he said pulling away from her. "I go all out to plan my dance of love for you and I end up looking like a complete idiot. Why didn't you warn me that Blair was downstairs? Did you see how she was undressing me with her eyes?"

"I had no idea Blair would show up or you would give me such a delicious surprise," she said picking up the cape and thong off the bed. "I'm sorry baby for laughing. If you put the outfit back on, I promise to make it up to you."

"No!" John said pouting like a child, as Evangeline began nibbling on his ear. "Don't think those luscious lips of yours are going to change my mind....and you missed a spot."

"Please, Big Papa," she whispered, finding the sensitive spot on his neck. "I want to see that big smile again."

" ruined the surprise, so I'll just have to put on another outfit," he said heading towards the bathroom.

"You have another one?" Evangeline exclaimed. "Well, hurry up and let me see."

"All right, but promise me you won't move."

"I promise," she said crossing her heart.


"Are you ready?" John called from the bathroom, after fifteen minutes.

"Yes," Evangeline said with anticipation.

Suddenly, Push It by Salt and Pepa came over the speakers in the bedroom. John came out of the bathroom dressed in black leather saddle pants, vest and cowboy hat. Evangeline couldn't help but smile at the way John filled out the black leather thong.

As the music continued to pulsate, John performed a dance so erotic, that it put the best Chippendale dancer to shame. He slowly stripped down to the leather thong, to Evangeline's delight. Slowly lifting her off the bed, Evangeline wrapped her legs around John's waist, as Donna Summer's Love to Love You Baby began to play.

The music created a sensuous rhythm which enticed Evangeline to rip off the thong. Their bodies became one, as he pinned her against the wall and they created their own erotic dance of love. Evangeline held on for dear life, as John thrust deeper and deeper into her moist valley, until they reached the peak of ecstasy together.

By midnight, John lay in the bed physically spent from their passionate lovemaking. "Tell me something?" he asked trying to catch his breath.

"Anything," she smiled, stretching and turning on her stomach.

"Is our lovemaking always going to be this way? I just want to know, so I can stock up on my vitamin E and Viagra," he smiled laying his head on the curve of her butt.

"Hell yes! Especially, if you keep doing dances like that for me," she yawned, as they drifted off into sweet slumber.