Chapter 9

Todd Manning's Office

"Hey darlin," Blair smiled sashaying into Todd's office. "How's my sexy corporate tycoon?"

"I'm always better, when I see you Sassy," he smiled. "So what trouble have you been getting into, while I'm trying to conquer the world."

"Well, if you must know, I've been doing some research on McHunk," she teased. "It seems he has done quite well for himself, in the last five years. "With the sales from his children books, some shrewd business and real estate investments, Johnny boy is a very wealthy man."

"Oh this gets better and better," Todd laughed, enjoying the moment until Natalie came bursting into his office.

"Todd! I don't appreciate you making decisions pertaining to my department," she shouted. "You should have the decency to run things by me."

"I'd appreciate, if you had the common courtesy to knock before entering my office," Todd sneered, holding his temper. "Now tell Uncle Todd why you have your panties all in a knot."

"Hello to you too Natalie," Blair smiled through gritted teeth.

"You approved advertising space, a rather large space I might add for some new art gallery?" she shouted, slamming the paper down on his desk. "How could you be so stupid?"

Part of Todd wanted to fly across the desk and smack that condescending smirk off Natalie's face. Instead, he decided to play it cool. "Well, since you were over in Europe whoring around...oops I mean on vacation, someone had to actually make some decisions," he smirked.

Natalie was about to land a right hook to Todd's jaw, when Blair grabbed her fist. "You were able to pull that shit with Jen Rappaport, but trust me sweetheart, I will kick you're ass if you ever raise a hand to anyone in my family!"

"Fine!" Natalie seethed, pulling free from Blair's grip. "The only reason you have this job is because my mother felt sorry for the bastard son of Victor Lord. But, one way or another, I'm going to throw out the white trash and put this paper back into the hands of the Buchanans!" Natalie turned and stormed out of his office.

"What a total bitch!" Todd yelled, kicking the garbage can. "She needs to be brought down and soon."

"You're sure there's something between John and Evangeline?" Blair asked, rubbing her chin.

"My instincts never lie," he said watching the wheels turn in Blair's head. "You're thinking of something bad, aren't you?"

"You'll find out soon enough," she smiled, kissing him good-bye.

"Damn, I love that woman and her devious mind."