Chapter 2

Forty Eight Hours Later

"I pronounce you man and wife," said Reverend Al Green, as Let's Stay Together played in the background.

Evangeline woke up in a panic. "That was the weirdest dream," she moaned feeling the pains of a hangover. The sparkle of the three carat diamond ring and gold wedding band caught her eye as she reached for the light switch. "What the hell is this?"

"Hey, turn off the damn light!"

Evangeline looked over her shoulder to find John burying his head in the pillow. "Oh shit!" she shouted seeing an identical gold band on his wedding finger.

"What's wrong!" John shouted falling out of the bed. Despite leaving the FBI over ten years ago, he couldn't help going into cop mode, as he quickly scanned the suite for any signs of forced entry. "Did you see someone?"

"John we're married!" Evangeline exclaimed. "How did this happen?"

"Is that what you're shouting about?" he yawned getting back into bed. "I thought someone was trying to break in here. Obviously, you don't remember getting married by the Reverend Al Green.

"I thought that was a dream."

"Well, it wasn't," he mumbled pulling the covers over his head. "You are officially Mrs. John Edward McBain."

"Wake up!" she demanded jabbing him in the arm.

"Ouch!" he shouted fully alert from her abuse. "Is this how the rest of our marriage is going to be?"

"How can you possibly sleep at a time like this?" she asked pacing the room. "You know, we're going to have to get the marriage annulled?"

"Why?" John asked searching the room for the breakfast menu. "I like the idea of you being Mrs. John McBain. You seemed to like the idea, when I proposed."

"That was the wine talking," she replied. "Now that we're both sober and able to think clear and rationally, an annulment is the logical thing to do."

"So much for you living in the moment," he quipped scanning the menu.

"John, surely realize this was mistake. After all, we don't even know each other. Hell, we don't even know if we're sexually compatible." "Damn, why did I say that?"

John couldn't help but smile at Evangeline's last comment. "Look Sparky, you're right, we don't know each other. But what I do know, is that for some reason, God has given me a second chance at happiness with you. I'm not going to waist time analyzing the reasons why," he replied. "I suggest we give the marriage a try for three months. If it doesn't work, we leave the marriage with exactly what we came in with. You can even draw up a contract. What do you say?"

Evangeline rubbed her lower chin and thought about John's proposition. "Before I give my answer, why did you call me Sparky?" she wondered.

"Everytime you get happy or excited, there's this sparkle in your eyes that I find irresistible," he smiled. "As for your previous comment about our sexual compatibility...there's no time like the present."


"Oh yeah!" they both screamed reaching the brink of ecstasy together. They laid in comfortable silence breathless from their incredible lovemaking.

"I guess we both can agree that we're more than sexually compatible," Evangeline smiled shyly.

"I guess so," he laughed pulling her on top of him. "That's was amazing. You're amazing."

Evangeline looked into the crystal blue orbs and saw a life full of possibilities. "Okay, we'll give this crazy marriage three months, but on one condition."

"What's that," he smiled.

"We don't tell anyone unless the marriage lasts beyond the three month time frame, especially our families, agreed."

"You've got a deal, Mrs. McBain."

"That's Sparky to you," she smiled. "Now let's finish the rest of our honeymoon."