Part 16

He had been ready for a fight. On the drive over to his apartment from Harry’s Tom Hanson had gone over 10 different scenarios of what he’d face when he saw Judy. Things were going to be fine with Ioki but the thing with Judy - the fact that she went to see Harry after they agreed that he would. That was a problem.

When he got home and opened the door the sight of the room and her had taken the wind right out of his sails. This was not one of the scenarios he’d thought of. The room was so beautiful and there was Judy, looking so sexy in that silk sheath that left little to his imagination. Whatever had been on his mind went right out the window and his instincts took over. And for him, that wasn’t a good thing.

Before he knew it he had said things and made promises he knew he couldn’t keep. It was almost an out of body experience. His mouth was saying things his mind did not authorize. In the back of his head something was nagging at him. Hanson? Hanson!!! Don’t say that – no – no – stop it NOW!

That’s all I’m going to say, and I won’t bring it up again.

He had said it. After that it was too late. Any anger in him was quenched by her touch, the feel of her skin next to his, her lips on his. Needless to say dinner was left untouched.

Now he was lying here with her in his arms, staring at the ceiling. And he was still angry. After making love, after enjoying each other so much he was angry.

“Tommy, just remember. Be careful not to let the little head start thinking for the big head.”

How old had he been when she said that to him? Apparently it hadn’t sunk in. He sighed. Guilt was a bitch.

“Baby? Are you okay?” Judy tapped his chest lightly as she spoke.

He nodded in response.

“You must be lost in thought. I wonder what it could be.” She giggled softly. “I bet I know.”

Her voice was soft and sexy and if he wasn’t careful he’d be right back where he was a few minutes ago and in more trouble that he was right now. He shifted slightly under her touch.

“Yeah, that isn’t a bad idea, Jude but – well I am thinking. About a lot of things, actually.” He closed his eyes and tightened the grip he had around her shoulder. “I’m thinking about how incredible you are, and how lucky I am. And I’m thinking about the things I said to you today and how much I meant them – how much I wanted to mean them when I said them. And I’m thinking that I don’t want to fight with you but - ”

He could feel her stiffen slightly but he didn’t relax his hold. “I’m thinking about Harry and how some of the stuff he said about me was probably right. I’m thinking about how mad I was when I got here and how the sight of you and all the candles and the note and – well it blew my mind and - I guess that’s what love does to people.”

She slide out from under his arm and raised her head. “Tom? I thought you said this was behind us.”

He was still staring at the ceiling – if he looked into her eyes he wasn’t sure what he’d say or do. “I meant it to be. I want it to be. But – Harry and me – Harry and you. Everything is going to work out – we talked and – “

Judy was sitting up now, holding the sheet in front of her. “And what?” The crease between her eyes did not bode well for him.

Tom bit his bottom lip for a minute. “And – I think we – you and me – we have things to work out.”

“So you lied to me, then.” Judy was shaking her head. “It’s okay for you to tell me you’re not mad when you really are but it’s not okay for me to do what I did – what you were mad at in the first place?”

“Yes – no – I mean – “ Tom sat up and brushed the hair out of his eyes. “I meant it at the time – I – look, you didn’t exactly play fair, Jude – I mean with all the candles and - ”

”Play fair?” She was plainly not amused. “I did all that because I love you. Because I care – “

Tom shook his head. “Come on, Judy. You know that’s not the only reason. You went to talk to Harry after we agreed I would talk to him. And you knew I’d be pissed off about it. And – “

She was furious now. It was all she could do not to scream. “That’s part of the problem, Hanson. Harry wanted to talk to me, not you!”

Tom stood up and pulled on the jeans that were on the floor where he left them. “Yeah – but we talked about it and you agreed – and for whatever reason you decide to go over there yourself and – “

Judy rolled her eyes and turned away from him. This was the part of Tom Hanson that had been the hardest to get past when they first met. He was stubborn and could never accept being wrong. He had changed though or so she thought. She turned back to him. He was standing by the bed pulling on his shirt.

”Tom – “

His jaw was set, his lips closed tightly. So different from the lips that had kissed her so softly just moments before.

“And you had to know how I’d feel when I came home and the flowers and the candles and that dress.“

She put her hand up. “You better stop now before you say something both of us will regret.”

Tom wanted to say something else but stopped himself. She was right, he thought. This had to stop now before everything was ruined. Judy snatched the sheet off the bed wrapping herself in it as she crossed the room to the bathroom.

When the door closed Tom sank back on the bed. He should have just let it go. He tried to let it go. He made love to her letting her think he had let it go. He had screwed up royally.

When Judy came out of the bathroom she was fully dressed. She walked past him without stopping. He was on his feet after her.

“Judy – wait. Don’t leave. Please. I – I’m sorry. I – “

She turned and smiled at him. “Maybe Harry was right about you. Maybe Harry is the one I should have given a chance.”

She slammed the door behind her before he could say a word.

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