Chapter 20

"You don't want really want to do this." Judy spoke softly to Trish. Owen stood on deck above them. The boy still had a gun and appeared more nervous with the passing seconds. Judy doubted he had a plan. This abduction was spur of the moment. If she could divide and conquer, maybe they'd all get through this without anyone getting hurt. "Trish, listenó"

"Owen's right about you," the other girl said. She avoided looking Judy in the eye by fussing around the cabin. She'd already tied Judy to a chair with both arms bound behind the police officer's back. "You used us. You pretended to be my friend. I let you in, and then you came after me. Why would I listen to you? You'll only tell me more lies."

"What I did wasn't about you," Judy said. "I'm a copó"

"A pig!" The girl spat the word. Her bottom lip trembled. "A filthy pig."

"No, I'm not. I didn't plan for any of this to happen," Judy explained. "We were after the head of the gambling ring. This wasn't about you at all."

"Then why was I arrested and fingerprinted like some lowlife?" Trish sniffed. "My parents will never forgive me."

"I know how you can make it up to them and to yourself."

Trish turned her head and looked at Judy with mistrust burning brightly in her eyes. "How?"

"Help me get out of here. If you help me, I'll talk to the DA. I'll tell him that Owen forced you to do this. They wouldn't charge you as an accessory."

Trish glanced toward the open door. Owen's footsteps were heavy on the wooden floorboards. The sound was menacing and somewhat threatening. "I don't know. He has a gun."

"I can take it away from him," Judy said.

"No way. He's twice your size."

"I've done it to guys bigger than him. I know what I'm doing," Judy said. "I'm a cop."

"Trish! Get up here!"

"Untie me!" Judy whispered.


The boy's loud bellow shook the walls. Trish jumped and practically raced to the steps leading to the deck. "Let me think about it."


"I'm coming!" she called back. "I'm coming."

Trish flipped down the light switch. Darkness closed in around Judy just as the door shut behind Trish. Rolling waves rocked the boat to and fro. Judy fought the urge to close her eyes and drift off to sleep. She had to remain alert and look for any chance to free herself. She refused to rely on the guys from Jump Street saving her. They couldn't possibly know how to find her anyway.

- - -

Tom's hands balled into fists. He wanted to hit something and smash it to bits. Every lead had turned up empty. He searched his memory for any clue or stray comment. Nothing stood out. Worry was making him sick. Why would Owen and Trish take Judy and where would they take her? Were they holding her for ransom or was this some sick form of revenge? If they hurt her, he'd never forgive himself.

Captain Fuller returned to the squad room. He'd left for an urgent phone call from headquarters. Tom didn't dare hope for good news. The let down would be too painful. Harry handed Tom a mug of coffee. The officers who had left for the night were slowly filing back in. The outpouring of concern about Judy gave Tom a small amount of hope. With all of them busting their asses, they had to get her back.

"The parents weren't aware that Owen and Trish weren't home," Fuller said. "They're working with the department to create a list of possible destinations."

"What about Ned Daniels?" Tom asked. "Shouldn't we question him?"

"It's already taken care of."

"So now what?" Tom shoved his fists into the front pocket of his jeans to keep from striking something. "We just sit around and wait. I can't. I won't."

He stormed toward the exit.


Tom jerked to halt at Fuller's call. He respected his captain, but there was nothing Fuller could say to stop him.

The seasoned superior officer crossed the suddenly quiet squad room to face Tom. "You go out half cocked you can do more harm than good."

"She's my partner on this," Tom said.

"I know," Fuller replied, "which makes you emotionally involved. Running on emotion is dangerous. Every good cop knows that."

"I am a good cop. Captain, I'm just gonna drive around. I can't stay here. I feel like the walls are closing in."

"Then, go home."

"Yeah, right," Tom muttered under his breath.

"I'll go with him." Doug stood near the exit. He walked in without Tom noticing him. "I'll keep him out of trouble."

"You?" Fuller gave Penhall a look of disbelief.

"Me," Doug said. "I can do it. We both know he'll go anyway. This way, he's not alone."

Fuller nodded in acceptance. "Hanson? That's the deal. If you don't take it, I'm having an officer drive you home."

"I'll take it."